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March 31, 2004
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Posted by Ernest Miller

Edward Felten on his Freedom to Tinker blog writes that this may be the year "remix culture collides with politics" (Remixing Politics):

Expect to see agenda-laden Flash games, spoofed websites and commercials, George Bush verbal blooper tapes, videos of John Kerry debating himself, and nasty-funny creations of all types, from supporters of both sides (or all three, if you count Nader).

Felten points to DocBug's brief discussion of the Bush/Cheney poster generator (All your spin...). Don't forget to check out the entertaining slide show created from the debacle (Sloganator Slide Show).

On the other hand, Seth Finkelstein comments that, "Wince. Please, let's not go down the path of thinking the Internet created pranking" (Remixing Politics: Comments). Of course not, but I have to agree with Felten. The internet is definitely increasing people's ability to remix and reuse content and then distribute it. Campaigns will have to expect that everything they put out will be reused and remixed by someone, somewhere.

I can only see this as a good thing and a wrench in the sprockets of overpaid, overhyped campaign consultants. Once we get broadcatching as a major form of video distribution, slick campaign commercials will have much less effect then they do now.

Bonus: Many such uses in a campaign would be classic examples of fair use both as political commentary and parody. Copyright law would have a hard time stopping such uses.

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Dan on March 31, 2004 01:14 PM writes...

At least four sides... the Libertarians will have a candidate too.

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Yesterday, I noted (following Freedom to Tinker) the possibilities of our remixing culture's effects on conventional politics (Remix, Reuse and Vote). At the end of my post I wrote: Bonus: Many such uses [of remixed culture] in a campaign would... [Read More]

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Remix politics in 2004 from Cinema Minima
This may be the year "remix culture collides with politics" . [Read More]

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