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May 11, 2004
Sony Electronic's Sad, Preventable DeclineEmail This EntryPrint This Entry
Posted by Ernest Miller

Reviewers from the Washington Post (reg. req.) (Sony's Connect Music Service Offers Fair Pricing, Little Else) and New York Times (reg. req.) (From Sony, the Hits and Misses), among others, have given poor marks to Sony's music download service, Connect.

Now, various copyfighters (not officially associated with this blog), are dissecting how Sony's DRM-centric view is crippling Sony Electronics. Joe Gratz starts the discussion by savaging Sony's late entry into the portable digital music player market (Sony’s Missteps). Derek Slater gets physically ill contemplating Sony's foolishness (Sony Music-Tech Makes Me Wanna Retch). Be sure to read his prescient preview of Sony's Connect (Sony to Continue Self-Defeating Music Strategy). Cory Doctorow provides a very good summary of the arguments on BoingBoing (Sony's entertainment business is killing its electronics business):

Sony's acquisition of a couple of minor entertainment companies has had untold consequences. It's a poison pill that is killing Sony, one piece at a time.

They're right.

UPDATE A fine rant, focusing on the fact that Sony's device won't play MP3s, is over at the Digital Music Weblog (Sony Gets Stupider). See also, Gizmodo (Sony VAIO Pocket: Interface Movie and ATRAC Weirdness).

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cypherpunk on May 11, 2004 07:24 PM writes...

I probably won't be signing up with Connect, but this criticism is overdone. Most of the complaints about the service relate to a clumsy (and fixable) UI, but the basic functionality doesn't sound bad:

"You can listen to a 30-second sample of a song, download a song for $1 or download an entire album for $10. At that point, you can burn your music onto CD's, transfer them to Sony portable players or copy them onto a couple of other Windows computers. They're copy-protected so generously that only dedicated eye-patched music pirates would object."

Plus you can download the same song onto a second computer without paying again, which nobody else will let you do. Yes, the store only sells in ATRAC format, but that's no worse than what Apple does.

As for the new gadget, the Vaio Pocket, again the main concern is that it only plays the ATRAC format internally. But the software will convert MP3 and WMA files, so this limitation may not be noticeable (depending on how it is implemented). Sony has supposedly shipped 80 million Minidisc players, mostly in Japan, which use the same format. The new device is only for sale in Japan, where Sony has been very successful.

Contrary to the claims in the headline, I don't see any reason why Sony's new service (after a UI tuneup) and new device won't continue this tradition of success. The Japanese people will probably prefer to buy Japanese-styled technology over Windows or Apple.

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Fred on May 11, 2004 08:17 PM writes...

> But the software will convert MP3 and WMA files, so this limitation may not be noticeable (depending on how it is implemented).

Either the software keeps a copy of all your MP3s in ATRAC format on your harddrive, or it has to transcode your MP3s every time you sync with your portable player.

Either way, it's noticable. Very noticable.

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awat on June 5, 2004 06:35 PM writes...

"Meanwhile, Sony Computer Entertainment America is ramping up shipments of the PS2 network adapter, with one million expected to ship by March 31st 2003." (Excerpt from Sony story on why the Play Station 2 has dropped in cost.) Down $50 US, and surrendered quality. Numerous Disk Read Errors after several months of normal use. Is out sourcing the problem? No, poor workmanship yes, poor quality control? Yes. Poor materials used in the manufacturing process? Yes. What type of customer service reponse. That will be seen and soon. 2 (PS2) is now being produced in China and whether this is the reason for the decline in quality is going to be seen in the future.

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