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November 23, 2011

You Didn't Think You OWNED That E-Book, Right?

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Posted by Alan Wexelblat

Over at Boingboing, Cory has a post up about the latest round of e-book land-grabbing in this case a dispute between Penguin and Amazon about terms related to sale and lending of e-books. The two companies are spatting and, as usual, it's the end readers (in this case, mostly library patrons) who are getting shafted.

You can follow the Boingboing post and its link to the ALA site for the latest sand-throwing childishness. I thought it was ironic to read this Boingboing post right after I read a comment here from reader Dan T on yesterday's item, where he points out that putting bits on one's own disk can have significant advantages over cloud-based music systems. Sadly, even if you do buy electronic products in download form, if those bits on your disk are wrapped in someone else's DRM you're still at their mercy.

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