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About this weblog
Here we'll explore the nexus of legal rulings, Capitol Hill policy-making, technical standards development, and technological innovation that creates -- and will recreate -- the networked world as we know it. Among the topics we'll touch on: intellectual property conflicts, technical architecture and innovation, the evolution of copyright, private vs. public interests in Net policy-making, lobbying and the law, and more.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this weblog are those of the authors and not of their respective institutions.

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Copyfight, the Solo Years: April 2002-March 2004

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May 4 is Coming Again - International Day Against DRM
Property Advice for International Travelers
FMC Releases Musician Income Case Studies
Aereo Launches Today
Kolko, Big Ideas, for Free
Patent enforcement entry updated
Petition the Copyright Office - Remix Culture
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Those People Looking For Me on Google+ Will Not Find Me
Exquisite Corpse Seeking Collaborative Artists
RIP Keith Aoki
"Radical Extremists" and Canadian Copyright
"Pimps and Ferrets" and U.S. Copyright
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EFF Launches "Teach Copyright" (free)
A Serial Drama in Internet Form
Pimps & Ferrets: Work on Early Copyright
U.Mich. Press Looking for Great Tech Writing
Move Creative for Great Justice!
Derek Slater Joins EFF
A New Chapter
Pardon Me
Don't Use Sony's Web-based XCP Uninstaller
Blog Vacation
Free/Open Source Software Law Center Looking to Hire
And the EFF Blog-a-thon Awards Go To...
Who Are You Calling a Thief?
Coming Attraction: Measuring the DMCA Against the Darknet
EFF Blog-a-thon Deadline Extended!
EFF Launches Blogathon for Freedom
Broadcast Flag Hasn't Snuck In Yet - Danger Hasn't Passed Though
Oxford Lucks Out
Science Commons Promotes Open Access to Legal Scholarship
Welcome to JD Lasica!
Andrea Dworkin, RIP
Congratulations, EFF Pioneer Award Winners!
Grokster Transcript Available
Welcome, Walt!
CIS Event: Cyberlaw in the Supreme Court
Help Send the Grokster Team Off to Victory!
Mike Godwin Has a Blog
IP Attorneys: EFF Wants You
Speaking of Which...
Gizmos. Up Close and Personal. Feb. 22
Dr. Alan Wexelblat Joins Copyfight
"Ready to Share" Conference, Jan. 29
How Does IP Law Affect Art?
Copyfight on Holiday Until Jan. 4
"We the Media" Book Review
Book Review: The Anarchist in the Library
Volunteers to Conduct Broadcast Flag Treaty Survey Sought
EFF Announces Two New Blogs
Can the Walkman Become a Social Experiment?
Potentially the Favorite Toy of Every Copyfighter
Center for Citizens' Media Proposal
Free Culture - Now With Even More Free
Lessig's Free Culture is also Free Content
The Creative, Scientific Commons
What Would You Say to the Copyright Office?
Copyfight--the Expanded Edition

Big Thoughts
Kickstarter Math
IP Without Scarcity
Everything You Need to Know About Doing a Kickstarter
What Do "Real" Authors Do?
A Contrast in Creator Stories
Is it Time to Abolish the CAFC?
TB on "Attack of the (Game) Clones"
Could Fandom "Fix" Copyright?
Creativity and Copyfight
Why Did Copyright Shape Music and Books Differently Online?
Talking Seriously About Games and the Public Domain
Three New Models for Journalism
The World vs SOPA/PIPA
IP and Inequality
Is Rampant Copying a Good Thing?
Tobias Buckell Has a Giant Reality Check for You
The Story of the Beginning of the Digital Revolution
Why Does Fashion Have Lots of Copying and Creativity?
Mike Masnick Curb-Stomps Jaron Lanier
How Is Self-Publishing Like Web Comics?
At Least They're Asking the Right Question
More On Asking, Writing for Free
Salmon's Payment Economics
The Art of Asking, The Art of Trusting
"Diffusion Lines" and the Freemium Marketplace
On the Used and Pirate Markets for Digital Goods
Why Do Creators Get So Little?
Highly Interconnected Creativity
What, Exactly, Is "The Patent Problem"
When Conservatives Are Optimistic About IP It Looks Libertarian
Lauren Weinstein Advocates "The Nuclear Option"
Can Looking Backward Help Fix the Software Patent Mess?
Doctorow on Byrne on Music
Does Copyright Drive the Internet Freedom Debate (in the US)?
UK Upends Research Publication Model - Default to Free from 2014
Answers to Lowery, with Facts
David Lowery Is Still on a Tear, Which is a Shame
Hollywood's Copyright Wars (book review)
What Stewart Brand Actually Said
Freehadists, the New Boss, and Another Point of View
LP Responds on Creation, Avengers, Kurtz
Creation is a Complex Process
"The Mongoliad" As Business Model
What to Read When Not Here
Two Follow-ups on B&N/MSFT and Palmer
Why Break/Abandon DRM
Thinking About the E-Book Lawsuit and What Is To Come
Is Wanting to Pay for Content "Entitlement"?
We Are (the Net| the Media | the People) Winning
How Should We Enforce Patents?
Tassi Isn't Done Yet
A Copyright Wars Primer for Libertarians
Y Kill Hollywood
The Business of Science Fiction Writers is Not Prediction (But Sometimes They Do It Anyway)
Will the Drugs IP World Ever Change?
Openness as the Default
No Books Means "Poor People Need Not Apply"
Facebook and Takedown Notices
How to Steal Like An Artist
Dangers of the Patron Model
When A Crowdfunded Project Goes "Off the Rails"
Artists Should Earn Money
Tune in to Tunecore (A 6-part series)
A Historical View of the Cultural Commons
Is Wikileaks the Napster of Confidential Information?
Content vs Image
Walking On Eggshells
Nutriset Responds
Another Step in the IP/Lifesaving Debate
Should Genes Be Patentable?
Lessig on the Remix Culture Vid and Who Gets It
Ephemeral Art, Writ Big-Name
Remix As Social Activity
Copyright + Common Sense? Maybe So.
Dionne Warwick versus the Cartel
Amazon's Gaffe Isn't What You Think It Is
Do Patents Really Promote Useful Progress?
Proof That Even Very Smart People Can Say Very Stupid Things
Can Tim O'Reilly Re-Invent the Book?
"Mash Up" Just Seems So Inadequate
What Happens to Comics When Newspapers Cut Back?
Maybe Art Isn't A Business
21st Century Business Models for Artists
People Want to Pay - Sort Of
Future Writers, Future Books
Gin, Television, and 100 Wikipedia per Year, for Sharing
What is the Value of News?
Artists and How to Support Them
Could BitTorrent Be Disabled Automatically?
Political Remixing & Cultural Copyright
Start With the Right To Speak Freely
An Industry of Excess
Record Exec States Obvious Truth, Greeted with Shock
Is Private DRM Public Failure?
Apple's Patent App and More on the Sad State
The Sad State of Patent Effects
The Question is 'Why?'
Microsoft, Virtualization, and... DRM?
Web 2.0 vs The Cartel
The "OK Go Phenomenon"
Sadly, Not Everything is on the Web
Did Patents Harm Microsoft?
Benkler on Social Production of Information
Graham on Patents
Decoding the Drivel
Publish On Demand - Go Vote
Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes
Copyright and the Evolution Wars
Google Print: a Story in Modern Web Harmony
How Do We Preserve "Essence of Library"?
I'm Still Not Buying It
What Does "Copyfight" Mean?
Schooling the Judges
Thou Shalt Not 'Ster
What Wall Street Tells Us About Grokster
On Grokster Punditry and Power Laws
Let Them Eat Cake
The Church of Copyright
The legacy of Jack Valenti
A Copyfighter's View of the Apple Move to Intel
Linkable + Thinkable: The Ernie Miller Special Edition
Talking digital rights
"Restricted Use" vs. "Licensed" Works
Apple Cultists: The Perfect Guinea Pigs for DRM
Whose Turn Is It to Call Off the Dogs?
Teleread on the Entertainment-Copyright Complex
Googlezon Deconstructed
Blankenhorn to Hollywood: Stop the Madness!
Pesce on Hyperdistribution, Part 1
Did Frank Zappa Invent Music Downloading in 1983?
Swim Together, Sink Together?
Alert the Troops
James Boyle on Copyright Stupidity
More Science, More Evidence
Movie Downloads, Maybe
Weinberger Blogs "Signal or Noise 2"
When IP kills
Thinking more about PyMusique
Music Wants to Feel Free
Thinking through the numbers
Copyright As the Engine of Censorship
On Creativity, Or The Tale of the Squawking iPod
Everybody into the pool
Susan Crawford: What Would Ben Franklin Do?
Toward a Kinder, Gentler Debate?
The DMCA Is to the Eiffel Tower As...
On Copyright Law and Myopia
Righting Copyright: Fair Use and "Digital Environmentalism"
Where the "Wow" Went
Ed Felten's Predictions for 2005
Reform Copyright, Stimulate Economic Growth
The Cure for Infringement
Teen Given "F" for Nuanced Thinking
FCC as Backdoor for Failed Copyright Law
Smells Like Free Culture
What's a Blog?
More on Me2Me: Market No Savior
The Real Threat: Me2Me
INDUCE's biggest threat: Me2Me apps
The Irony of Digital Music DRM -- More Choices, Fewer Options
On Innovation - How Holy Is the Grail?
Posner Blogs on Fair Use and Copyright
Copyright and Cultural Damage
Fair Use in Education: Point/Counterpoint
There, That's Better
Cory on DRM @ Microsoft
What Colour Is Your Paradigm, Part III
What Colour Is Your Paradigm, Part II
What Colour is Your Paradigm?
Defining Open Access
Cable Theft or Cable Sharing?
Of Chimps and Copyrights
Slater on Miller on Hutchings on Von Lohmann on iTunes
UnFairPlay - Prior Art
Must Read Must-Read List
Fair Use - Theory v. Practice
Romantic Notions II
Romantic Notions
Why Use DRM If It Doesn't Work?
More on Cynicism, Indecency, the FCC and the Broadcast Flag
Plus Dessert
Free Strategic Advice for the RIAA
Copyfight Quote of the Week
One Way for the RIAA to Go on the Offensive
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
It's All About the Distribution - Free Speech, Telecomm and Copyright
Defining Speedbumps
Brewster Kahle on Universal Access to Human Knowledge
Wendy Seltzer on Free Culture
The Logical Incoherence of Universal DRM
All the News That's Fit to Re-post
Crawford Addresses Copyright Office
Listening to Larry
And the Meme Goes On...
Larry's Latest Evaluated
Namespaces Will Collide. Let Them. Part Deux.
Slater on Sony
Siva on Free Culture's "Scholarly Partner"
Lessig on Copyright at OSBC
User Rights Aren't Loopholes

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What Kind of Listener Are You?
Whatever You Write, Sell It
Music and the Creative Groove
If It's Not One Clause It's Another
Licensing Doesn't Outlive Patents
General Song Similarity Enough in the 4th
Did You Think Apple v Samsung Was Over?
Yes, Virginia, People Are Still Ignorant
Yes, Virginia, Big Book Deals Do Exist
Inventing a Genre
How's that Kindle Daily Deal Working Out for You?
Intellectual Property is in Everything
Or You Could Double Down on Being an Idiot
Results Not Typical
That Thudding Sound You Heard
Jim Hines' Writing Income
Yeah, No Thanks Toast & Butter
Apple I Reaches CAFC
Macmillan Pretends It Can Plug Analog Hole
OpenMedia vs the TPP
Sports Continue to Tiptoe Away from Cable Monopolies
Does Book Touring Still Matter?
Music Business for 21st Century Independent Artists
IP Analogy to Physical Property (in Architecture)
That Sound You Hear is the Anti-Neutrality Dam Breaking
And No Kill Switches, Either
Congress Restores Bulk Unlock Rights
When is a Game a Clone?
Subscription Services for Books
Generic Functions, Patentable Functions
Judge Posner Solves a Mystery
GIFs, Authorship, and Copyright
GoGo Interfictions
Google and You, Content Co-Creators
Another Reason E-Books Suck
Another 'Ends with a Whimper'
Robo-Papers "Flooding" Academic Conferences
Apple Appeals
The Blog is Dead, Except on LinkedIn?
MSF Opposes Patenting Hep C Medicine
Full 9th Sends Ad-Skipping Back to Trial
When an Artist "Makes It"
Aereo Case Gets to SCOTUS
Fox Gets Henhouse Membership
There is (Still) a Hole in Your Mind
Big Picture: You Don't Want to be King George
Youtube Can't Even Get Christmas Carols Right
MSF anti-TPP Video
TPP Terminating Termination Rights
Aereo "Killer" Killed
Aereo Declines to Oppose Cert Motion
Contributory Cybersquatting Not Viable in Trademark
Evolution, not Displacement?
Kickstarter to Pay the Musicians
Shortening the Long Tail
Is Pop Music Holding You Hostage?
MSF to TPP: Stop Attacking Access to Lifesaving Medicines
Derech Sodom
Listeners Support Healthcare
End of a Stage in LimeWire's Troubles
That Self-Publishing Experiment
Who Knew There Was An Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries?
Self-Publishing is Work
Aereo Staves Off Preliminary Injunctions
Kids Today
The Logical Extension of Copyright Maximalism
Let's Teach Kids What They Can Do
Copyright Cartel Goes to Kindergarten
Recent Developments in Trademark Law
(Avoiding) A Digital Dark Age
Netflix Goes Where the (Pirate) Demand Is
Sample This (movie)
"The Kings of Television Are The Creatives"
"Fire in the Blood" Anyone?
I (Heart) NY, TM
Makerbot Scanner Announced
SFX Build, Steal, Borrow, Adapt
Dish Wins in the 9th
Games as Derivative Works
3D Printing Patents Set to Expire
Has the Eolas Vampire Finally Been Put to Rest?
The Two Voices of All Transport
Ohio Rules on the Cost of Infringement
Nook Costs B&N CEO His Job
What Protects Medicine Sales, If Not Patents?
Copyright Law by V. Hart
DJ Spooky Goes CC-license
B&N to Exit Hardware Business, not E-Reader Business
How We Got Into this E-Book Mess
Wait! No! Stop Hitting Us!
MSFT to Region-Lock Xbox One on Launch
Why CNN Makes Lots of Money Despite Sucking
Microsoft Turns Xbox One into DRM Nanny
NFB Settles with Free Library of Phila
The White House vs Patent Trolls - So What?
Broadcasters Sue-alike Aereo-alike
Yes, Virginia, There Is Copyright In Space
Amazon Strikes Another Deal That Is Good for Amazon
It's a Cartel, Not a Class (Action)
The Legal Structures Prenda Exploited
Prenda Law Gets Broadsided
Oh and by the Way
Free Publication on "Seismic Shift" in CA Copyright Law
Microsoft Appears Ready to Relent on Xbox DRM
Aereo Expands
MSF Joins Opposition to TPP
Open-Source Creativity
B&N Tries to Compete in Self-Publishing
No Kidding, Matt
Patent "Monetization" Entities... Which is to Say, Trolls
Spolsky Discovers NPEs
Legal Snark is Good Snark
As Usual, SCOTUSBlog is Spot-On
Doonesbury Gets In On The Act
3D Printing Patents Not Such A Big Deal After All
Fighting Trademark Trolls (and Winning)
New Models, Hidden Sponsors?
Why TV Ad Revenue Goes Up and Internet Ad Revenue Goes Down
Indie Booksellers Sue Amazon, Misunderstand "Open Source"
Whitehouse Petition to Reinstate Cellphone Jailbreak Exception
Dear Gamers Workshop, Welcome To Social Media Hell
Vinyl Vault's Legal Dynamite
A Non-Profit for 21st Century Musicians
And What About CBS's Own Practices?
The Dust at CNET Has Not Settled
Something Unprintable, I'd Say
More Dish on TV Failures
All the Free E-Books on Amazon
Similarity, Originality
In the Land of the Blind, Data are King
ProPublica Describes 21st-Century Investigative Journalism
Tim O'Reilly v Kirtsaeng
More Copyright Sanity from Outside the US
Instagram Isn't Owning, Just Granting Itself License
Instagram THIS
Tobias Buckell, At Length, on His Kickstarter Experience
Fire Still Bad, Metallica Maybe Less
Google Makes Copyright Removal Data Downloadable
Guy Kawasaki on Self-Publishing
Masnick Schools HSI
Analysis of the RNC Copyright Memo Kerfuffle
Fictionwise Shuts Down, Moves Customers to B&N
More Technical E-Books Going DRM-Free
I'm Only Surprised it Took So Long
FMC Music Summit Lineup
EFF Optimistic about Kirtsaeng
Amazon UK About-Faces
This is Happening Right Now: Amazon DRM-nukes a Customer
On Google and Transparency in DMCA-land
On Bowman and How US Courts Work
Raid This!
Librarians as Booksellers
Get Your No-DRM On (just not through Amazon)
Because There's a Copyright Angle to Everything
More Finger-Pointing in the E-Book Price Wars
Who Knew The Economist Could Be Copyright-Optimistic?
The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play
More Musicians Pissed At Politicians
And How Canadians Think About Fair Dealing
Nice Primer on Fair Use
When the Judge Thinks You're On Crack It's Bad, OK?
16.9% vs 68.1%
Google Starts Down-Ranking DMCA'd Sites
Research Project on Growing Book Challenges in the US
How Are TV Execs Like Music Execs?
Craigslist Swims Into New Anticompetitive Waters
The Oatmeal vs The Cartel
It's "The End of TV" Season
Record Labels, Funny Money
Are TV Execs Even Aware Of Where Their Viewers Are?
Tor/Forge are now DRM-free
Three Papers, and Nature
Paul Tassi Weighs in on Cable's Stupid Season
Write Your Rep - Oppose the Intellectual Property Attache Act
Unglue.it Posts Success
E-Reader Phone Home
Another Coming 3-D Printing IP Nightmare
C-11 Passes, Geist Retrospects
We Need New Government Models, Too
A Full (insider) View on E-Book Availability
Justia, for Law Wonks With Short Attention Spans
The State of (Particularly Mobile) Internet Business
Welcome to Life, Copynightmare Version
Copyright, Parody, and Domain Lockdown in Brazil
Is There A Model For Crowdfunding Start-ups?
David Post on Kirtsaeng
Ungluing Copyright
Scalzi on Palmer, Success, Sponsorship Model
SCOTUS Grants Cert for Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley
JW on Big Companies, IP
Groklaw Summarizes Prometheus Ruling
Apple May Settle Patent Suits Via Licensing
And Techdirt Gets An Apology, Too
How China Influences Your Big-Budget Movie Choices
Nate Anderson vs the MPAA
SF vs SF Ideas
OK Maybe There's One Good Thing About E-Books
Scalzi Has Had Enough of E-Book Price Gripes
Gigaom Catches Up To 2010
Gaiman's Caution to Authors: Get Involved
Gaiman's Audible Line Publishes Its First Titles
EFF on Facebook's "Hotel California"
Free Copy of "The Macintosh Way"
Mediashift on Apple E-Book Collusion Lawsuit
Sharing is Awesome, Two Years In
CBLDF Takes Possession of CCA Seal
Smack! Fatality!
The Need For Self-Promotion
WB Settles Face Tattoo Suit
Don't Kill - C-393 Follow-up
Because These Things NEVER Go Wrong
The Brads on Why DRM Doesn't Work
This is Remix Culture Courtesy of Sunday Girl
The Revolution Will Have Permission
In Which Dear Fred Shows Himself A Hopeless Optimist
In Need of UK-resident Readers
Apple to Germans: Und NO NIPPLES!
Apple to Developers: "Und You Vill LIKE IT!"
CCC Has More To Say On Google Books
IFPI Commits Blogocide - Rules Be Damned
Air Force Repeats McCain Campaign Mistake
Have Some International Schadenfreude
Nokia N900 Unboxing
It Doesn't Work for an Intermediary to Own the User
Income Breakdown for "Best Selling" Author
Pandora in the NY Times
New Technology -> New Art
UK Photogs Get A Chance
Untangling the "Civil Rights for Musicians" Debate
LimeWire Going Legit
Business Models Blog Series Concludes
McCain Can't Win on Song Front Either
Public Art Commentaries
More Free (Online) Books
Tooting My Own Horn - MPAA vs The People
FMC Releases "Rock the Net" Compilation CD
Finding Legally Usable Pictures - compfight
Fleeting Words, Extensive Review
More Media Offerings
No You Can't
Like A Stack of Books 348 Feet Tall
Like Hope, But Different
Photographers' Rights
Street Use (blog)
And the Winner Is...
Beautiful Repurposing
OK So Maybe He Isn't All That Enlightened
Google Trademark Linking Suit Dropped
Why Upgraded DVDs Are Not Coming As Fast
TorrentSpy Preemptively Shuts Down US Access
Teenager Cracks iPhone. Nobody Surprised.
I Bet Their Parents Also Drive Too Fast
Banksy's Web Site
Just Like Artists Can't...
Is a Password-protect Like a Physical Lock?
MSNBC vs. Well, Just About Everybody
Mandatory Licensing
Educating Judges on Patent Law
Barbie's Dream Lawsuit
No, No, CNN, Let *Us* Do It
How Fast Can a Tune Go?
This Video Brought to You by the Letter 'U' and the Numeral '2'
New Yorker on Web Journalism
Delightul Re-Interpretation of Crusty Old Law
DVD Jon Moves On
"Public Notice" Problems with Issued Patents
MPAA Dirty Tricks
Why Can't I Play My Music Everywhere?
Your Tax Dollars at Waste
Get Your Sneak Peak While Authors Are Allowed to Give Them
Profit and Loss in Book Publishing
Dyson on Google and Books
RIAA Fails in Suit Against 13-Year-Old
Give Mashups a Chance
The One-Eyed Man is King
Publishers Impose Page Limits on Amazon Browsing
Determining Ownership in Digital Urban Lore
Player-Created IP in MMOs
Anyone Know PostSecret?
Cartel Makes Business 2.0 Top 101, Twice
RIAA Actions "Not in Artists' Best Interest"
RIM, NTP Start Settlement Dance
No Tasini in National Geographic
RIAA-Free Music
Brennan Center for Justice Report on Free Expression
Most Sony Execs Don't Know When To Shut Up?
Discussing the Sony Debacle
How the Sony DRM Debacle Can Benefit the Digital Music Market
Oops, Sony DRM Did It Again
Hearing Recap: Fair Use in the Internet Age
Tell Us How You Really Feel
You Should Be
Who Holds the Liability Bag?
Stop Blizzard Spyware with Sony's Rootkit DRM
What's So Eminent About Public Domain?
Yale Conference: Regulating Search, December 3
If It Quacks Like Malware...
What She Said
RIM Delay Denied
53MB of Copyright Violations
Word of the Day: Coulrophobia
Metatags or Meta-DRM?
Why "DRM" Are the Most-Hated Letters
The Broadcast Flag for Dummies
Publishers Pile On
DVD Jon Gets A Real Job
Content Communists
Redefining "Copy" in the Digital Era
Leggo My Ego
iTunes 6.0: If I Can't Crack It, I Don't Want It
Anthropologie Sues Wal-Mart for Stealing Boho Chic
Why Your Mom Keeps Telling You to Wash Your Hands
Google Goes to Washington
Lessons from Oz
Is _That_ What This Is All About?
Legal Protection Resources
Danke Schoen
Peter Suber: Does Google Library Violate Copyright?
US Alone in Fighting Development Agenda
Stopping Bad Law Before It Becomes Bad Law
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,490,000 for foot bandage
It's Not Like the Broadcast Flag - It's Worse
Microsoft Desperately Searching for Stake and Holy Water
Verizon's Deal with the Dev..er, Disney
Tempest in a Tunepot
Family Values
Open Rights Group Has a Blog
Patricia Santangelo Speaks
Roberts vs. the Future
How Creative Is Creative?
Cross-Platform Media Player Will Support Microsoft Multicast Media Streaming
On Microsoft's "Position" vis-a-vis Hollywood
Next, MPAA Will Pass Stamp Act, Establish Discriminatory Levy on Tea
Copyfight-Colored Glasses
Grokking the 'Ster
HOWTO: Keep Up with Copyright Scholarship
Jon Stewart on Filesharing "The Daily Show"
Gaiman Audio Excerpt
CDT Endorses Broadcast Flag
A Novel Kind of Library
A Missed Opportunity
The Copyfight Down Under
Blogito Ergo Something
Where It's At: The Picker MobBlog
Said, Didn't Say
The Berkman Center Is Hiring
Open Source, Open Access, Open Science
The Chill Felt 'Round the World
First Test of New Anti-Camcorder Law
Entertainment Industry Pretending to Have Won Grokster Case
Things to Keep an Eye On
Question the Nominee
Declan on IP Policy Laundering in Canada
DRM Inside
That Breaking Sound You Heard Was MS's New DRM
Patry on the Senate Commerce Committee on Grokster
Does the UK Need an EFF?
Library Journal Talks to Siva Vaidhyanathan
Talking 'Bout a Revolution
Coordinator of International Intellectual Property Enforcement
Reader's Guide to the Orphan Works Roundtable
Copyfighter's Karma
Copyfight Up North
HYMN Project
Downloads Up, CDs Down
No Kidding
Cringely's Podcasts
More Schooling for Posner
Sony-BMG Deal with iMesh?
Hollywood Breaks Losing Streak?
More on Sling(boxes), Arrows, and Outrage
Justice O'Connor to Retire
Don't Get Confused -- Adjust Your Blogroll
Patry Has Spoken
More from SCOTUS Blog on Where to Watch Grokster
Wish I Was There
A Belated Birthday Message to Support Free Culture
The "H" Word
iTunes Design Dispute
Rolling the Music DRM
Blizzard v. BnetD Oral Arguments - Listen for Yourself
Stealing the David
More Cringely on Apple-Intel
Canadian Pay Radio
Not Today
Axiomatizing Software Patent/Copyright Terms and Statutes
How Stupid Are BitTorrent Users?
From a Torrent to an Avalanche
Let's Make It a Threesome
Who Is He Talking About?
21 iTunes Per iPod
Behind the OECD Report
HarperCollins Fights Secondary Market
NYT on the Freedom to Tinker
Making Copyright Work for Democracy
Following JD
A Little More Bread to Finish the Cheese
Right On
Why Copyright Needs a Remodel
Where's the Carrot?
Gratz on Shrinkwrap Licenses for Books
Collage Artistry Ain't No Sideshow
Shrink Wrap Licensed Books
A Kind of Cover
Users' Infringement Powers Napster Case
Fair Use Day - July 11
The Copyright Cartel: Hard at Work on the Panopticon
Teleread on the Entertainment-Copyright Complex
Leveling the Journalists' Playing Field
Will the RIAA Let You Share Music with Yourself?
Packing Light
Googlezon Down Under
The Fire This Time
More Fun With Distribution Models
Geist on Canadian Copyright Clashes
Hatch Subcommittee Meeting on "Piracy" Today @ 2:30 p.m.
Open Registration for Webcast Conference: "Pirates, Thieves and Innocents"
DC Circuit Rejects Challenge to Congress Removing Works from the Public Domain
BitTorrent Search
Piracy is Good, Part 2
Collaborative Citizen Journalism
Ganging Up on the Copyright Office
EBay Wins Another Round
Pesce on Piracy
CBLDF Knocks Out Censorship Law
Negativland Has No Business
MPAA vs. TV Lovers
Peter Beagle's Alternate Distribution Experiment
Layman's Starter on Fair Use
More on a Common Platform for Copyfighters
Evolution of iTunes
Kaleidescape Loses Round One; DVD Group Continues Assault on Video Servers
Will the Broadcast Flag Rise Again?
Microsoft Loses a Round in Eolas Patent Case
Apple Gets Support
Good Faith, No Belief
More on the "Edelman Effect"
Fear-to-Peer Debate @ Princeton, May 6
Are Filesharing Penalties Unconstitutionally Excessive?
On Copyfight Battle Strategy
Join the Party Party!
Process Patenting the Internet
Doonesbury vs DRM
A Price of Licensing
Creative Commons Star Wars?
New Copyright Law Blog
Kembrew McLeod v. Dean Garfield on P2P
Fortinet Settles over GPL Violations
Yeah, But It Still Has 1/10th the Market Share
Felten Debuts "Dashlog"
First File, Least of their Problems
VoIP South of the Border
P2P TV? Nein!
Frank Field on Boyle's "Deconstructing Stupidity"
Solum Reviews "Free Culture"
Happy Birthday, Free Culture!
Listen or Die
More on the Family Movie and Copyright Act
DMCA, the Right of Access, and Consumer Choice
Fred von Lohmann on the Family Movie Act
House Hearing on Patent Reform: What's Up?
Felten on the Family Movie Act
Publication, the Public University, and the Public Interest
Interesting Video re: Software Patents
Conservative Copyfights
Rated LG: Legal Guidance Suggested
Tiger, Tiger Suing, Right?
A Bigger Threat than P2P
Because Suing Your Customers is SO Effective
Starbucks Seeks to Patent Evil
Usher Journalist Definition Project
How to Free Your Speech
Geist, Copyright, and Canadian Medicine
Half-Time Report from WIPO
The Law and Economics of Blogging
Court Stops Payment on Hollywood Royalty Check
Jamming the Charts
Fired For Sharing the Public Domain?
Grouper: A Baby Step for Your Aunt, A Giant Leap for Copyright Law
Jail or CDs - You Decide
Clash of the Titans
IBM: Profit Through Sharing
A Fresh Take on WIPO
The Return of the Boston Strangler
Canadian Copyright Continues
Two Birds with One Stone
Felten on the Interoperability Wars
Gigi and Mike on Grokster
Petition for Users' Rights Under Canadian Copyright Law
You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato
The long tail of future TV?
Open-source webcasting tool
On Balancing Idealism and Realism
Chronicle of Delocator, Located
Trademark, URLS and the UDRP
Michael Madison on DMCA Misuse
YACC - (Yet Another Cool Conference)
You Want Standing?
Induce: The Second Coming?
Grokster As a Lovers' Tiff
Copyright "More Important than God" Part II
Copyright Decision Deals Blow to New Technology
En Route to Grokster, Valenti Signs Betamax Tape
Canadian court stays decision
Stand and Deliver
M&Ms - The Dark Side
Tasini comes to the database world
Matthew Yglesias: Copyfighter
Gratz Fixes "Orphans" Errata
Miller on Armstrong on Grokster
Go, Joe
Copyfighters Ready for Their Close-up
C-SPAN: Fred von Lohmann v. Theodore Olson
Welcome, Blawgers
Alternative Music Compensation: The Big Mac Plan
Updated Geist column
All Your Internet Are Belong to Us
Dinner with Wendy Seltzer
Penalizing computer users
More Grokster Coverage Than You Can Point an Aggregator At
Blogger-friendly election rules
Copyright Reform Update: Canada Moves Toward Balance
On Trade Secret Law v. Free Press
Pick your lock
Panning about
Letting them speak for themselves
EEJD = = Excellent
Bollier on "OurMedia"
Google Alchemy
Johansen Reopens iTunes "Security Hole"
FEC to bloggers - relax
Those whacky French
Finkelstein Picks 'Em
Doctorow, Scoble & Schwimmer on Google's AutoLink
Felten on PyMusique: What Really Happened
Goodbye, PyMusique
Grokster Webcast
Self-Healing Networks, Part 2
Self-healing networks
WIPO Shenanigans via RSS
Hacking Harry
How many copyright violations per page?
Burst won? So says Bob X
Signal or Noise 2
Felten Updates Godwin's Law
IP for banks
Swiftel BitTorrent case to test Australian DMCA-alike
DMCA cases post-mortem
Quote of the Week
Welcome Back, Beatallica
Seltzer on the Copyfight and Democracy
Sony DRM Incompatible With Its Own Devices
del.icio.us Does WIPO
Apple v. Does: The Real Deal
Burst update
What's So Fair About Fair Use?
Bubble bursts
Torrent torts down under
Roundup: Apple v. Bloggers
AZ Copyright Conviction
Cal-Induce Now a Mandatory Filtering Bill
How to Save the Orphans
Risks of patents in the EU
Balkanize the net
The Politics of Spectrum Control
Yeah, Right
Make: The Magazine for Reverse-Engineers
The Comedy of the Commons
Build Your TV!
The Question Grokster Will Answer
The Connection Between IP and Social Justice
The Long Tail vs. Lessig
Copyfighter's Library in Your Palm
NYPL Digital
Get Your Civic Voice On
The Fine Art of Sampling
Slashdot: Here's Why P2P Is Valuable
This Is Your Brain on Copyright Law
What's Next on Capitol Hill?
I Dunno, I Kinda Like My Digital Media Hobbled
Bill Thompson Retracts
It's About Freedom
Groklaw News Picks
A2K: All Ye Need to Know
Larry on CC and "Moral Rights"
Understanding the Spectrum Wars
Ink Think Blink, Part II
Blogging Against Commercial Culture
Help Save the Orphans
Your ISP Knows You're a Dog
P2P for academic geeks
Open-source press?
What's Your Poison?
Mo' Better Siva
Patents vs. Science
Ink Think Blink
Crawford on BF Oral Arguments
Apple Bites Students; the Woz Bites Back
Stay Free - The Blog
Gary Shapiro on the Environment for Innovation
Court Denies Lexmark Rehearing
Thank You, Guardian!
See Michael Think
See Derek Think
Copyright Criminals - the Trailer
Can your voice be heard on IP?
Canada's Copyfight Explained
More on who's a journalist
Uh Oh
Gigi Takes High Road, Reaches Middle Ground
Hollywood Gambling on Orphans?
Ed Felten Predicts Post-Grokster Confusion
Harry Potter Author to Sue US Army Over Copyright?
David Post Predicts Grokster Will Be Overturned
Something for Nothing
Don't cross the Dell and HP streams
The Hegemony of the Copyright Treatise
See, Apple deserves bashing
Mark Cuban on Grokster
The Other FUD
An Apple by any other name
Copyfighters at Speakers Corner
Enough Already with the Crocodile Tears
The Digital Millennium Canada Act
More on Copyright v. Culture
Won't Someone Please Think of the Orphans?
The Enclosure of the Parking Commons
Breaking It Down
DHB looking to open our Eyes to the Prize again
On Creative "Originality"
Cory's Copyright Speech Video
Letter from Santa to RIAA
Grokster Pessimism
California Senator Wants to Throw Ed Felten in Jail
And You Thought Region-Coding Was Only for DVDs
On Rathergate, DRM, and Fair Use
Come Hang Out with IPac - Monday, Jan. 17
And the Winners Are...
Gates on "Creative Communists"
Apple v. Bloggers
IBM Does a Creative Commons
Siva Vaidhyanathan RFC
EU Software Patents? Think Again
Lessig on "Creative Communists"
New Berkman White Paper: Content and Control
Cory in Pop Sci: How Tech Sold Us Out to Hollywood
DRM for DVDs Remains a Stupid Idea
More on Schultz v. Patents
Eli Noam on P2P
Siva Vaidhyanathan RFC
EU Publishes Copyright Consultation Submissions
Finalists for Arts Project Moving Image Contest
C-Span on Digital Libraries
Software Patents Circumvent EU Parliament
Patent Systems Don't Tax Innovation, People Do
New MPAA Lawsuits Target BitTorrent, eDonkey
"Freedom v. Control," Dec. 15
Hero Worship Break
Zittrain on the De-Evolution of the Net
Internet & Society 2004 - the Scoop
Mystery Solved
How to Fix a Broken Patent System
DVD CCA on the Prowl
FTC Sticks Up for P2P
High-Stakes File-Sharing Case Seeks Supreme Court's Ears
Keeping Up with Berkman
Australian Govt. Reconsiders Copyright Legislation
Digital Mix Conference, December 10
Piercing the P2P Myths, Part II
New Wu
Artists on P2P
Berkman on Copyright in EU
Supreme Court to Hear Open Access Case

Creative Commons on Copyright Reform
Airport: Symbols in/for the Public Domain

Find Me Nine Less-Qualified People
Planet Money on the Case Against Patents
These Businesses and Corporations are Not Your Friends
Interesting Views on Two Ongoing Stories
EFF Making Mountains out of (CAFC) Molehills
The Gospels of Publishing
Who Says Amazon Is Bad For Publishers?
Does Sampling Promote Sales (the Girl Talk example)
Will Piracy Data Tell Us Anything?
Things That Make You Go Hmm, Small Bookstore Version
3D Printing And the Value of Authenticity
Pandora is Not Happy at David Lowery
Solutions to Patent Trolling in Existing Laws
Software Patent Pro/Con in the WSJ
WIRED, 3D Printing, and Patent FUD
When the Tip Jar Offends
How The Media Misreports Stories
Can People Sponsor Many Authors at $20/year?
Dear ReadWrite: Granger-Causality is not Causality
In Answer To Your Enquiry: No!
Geist v NPD
Megan McArdle Takes Issue With The Knockoff Economy
Twitter Tries to Break Patent Logjam
Cartel Trumpet "Crush 'em!" Strategy, Revise History, Still Miss Point
Copyright Official Fails, Techdirt Foams
Scalzi vs. Franzen on E-Books
Are Mathematical Communities Unique?
Only Amateurs Care About Copyright Registration (in Hollywood)
CNET (and others) Get It Wrong, Miss the Actual Story
Sometimes Things Couldn't Be Better
Pistols at Dawn, Sir!
How A Real Musician Responds
For There Will Be Musicians
Siva Vaidhyanathan: Google Is Right to Hit Pause on Library Plans
Scrivener's Error Replies to Stallman
Am I a Journalist?
Monolith - An Uninteresting Experiment in Copyright
Ms. Peters Tells Her Side of the Story
Furdlog on Cynicism and DRM
Felten, Boorstin and Filesharing
Copyrighting Headlines and Bloggers
Copying Newspaper Headlines

Sherlock Holmes as Classical Fairytale
Avoiding the Simple Binary
Is "The Lego Movie" Anti-Copyright?
Molly Crabapple's 14 Rules
One "Digital Native"s View on Getting Paid
Money Sells
An Artist's Take on American Classism
What About the Listener-Supported Model?
What, Exactly, is Cable?
What if Copyists(*) Created?
Academic Publishers, Historians, and Tenure
"We're Asking You To Pay For Content Because You Want To"
Pricing, Scalping, and Concert Business Models
When A Lawyer Isn't Enough, Get an IP Lawyer
Academic Disruption and the Difference Between Publication and Prestige
Penny Arcade Tries to Kickstart an Ad-Free Year
The Next Generation Joins The Copyright Wars
If I Can't Share, I Can't Dance
Tyler Neylon on What Elsevier Should Do
The Peasants are Revolting (Scientifically)
2010, The Year of the Mashup, is Over
Dizzee Rascal and the Live Remix
Where is the Copyright War in Glee-land?
Mashup As New Music
Mashups Go Mainstream - Cartel Notices
We Interrupt Your Copyright Wars for a Moment
Why Music Sounds Worse
BMO Responds to EFF
Burners Getting Burned About Play IP
Who Does She Think She Is?
Worst "Company" in America
This Modern IP World; Or "NBC Is Smarter Than CNN"
Banksy v Hilton, Now With Pictures
Musicians Join "Save the Internet" Movement
The Million TM-infringement homepage?
Freeculture Urges Boycott of DRMed Disks
DRM Your Breasts
What Good Are Blogs Anyway?
Redefine Bootleg
Lending? To Whom?
When Libraries Try to Compete
Using Others' Names Creatively
Coopt Yourself Before Someone Coopts You?
Links on the Periphery
Classical Myopia and the BBC's Beethoven
Home Taping Saves Shared Culture
Free Culture RFC
Public Photography Becoming "Illegal"
Subcontinent Copyright Wars
We Want YOU to Help Protect Orphan Works
Surprise! Students Disagree with Gonzales on File-sharing
Art, Expression and New Tech

Un/Fair Use Event at CfA New York
Future of Music Summit 2015 this October
Art & Law in Chicago
Pay for (Broadcast) Play Rally
FOMC Annual Summit, Washington DC Nov 13
Two Upcoming Events - NELA and Arisia
Intellectual Property Panels at Arisia
Me, Talking About Copyright And Patents
World e-Book Faire
Interstitial Arts Foundation Event
IP and Me at Arisia 2009 (Jan 16, Cambridge MA)
Creative Commons Turns 6 (NYC Party, Dec 16)
A CBLDF Benefit Mashup Thu Aug 21, 7:30P
Future of Music Coalition Events (Fall 2008)
Pi-Con 3
Pre-MPAA Films Being Shown (MA Fri Jan 18 & on)
Open-Source Beats Coming to Boston
Talk at Arisia (Boston, MA, Sun Jan 20)
FMC Policy Summit (Washington DC, September 17-18, 2007)
The Day The Web (Radio) Went Silent - June 26, 2007
Negativland on the US West Coast June 10/12
FMC + Pop Montreal
Cory at MIT, Feb 13
Cultural Environmentalism and the Digital Commons -- 10 Up
Future of the Digital Commons - MIT Communications Forum
Yet Another Reason to Go to the FMC Policy Summit
Future of Music Policy Summit 2005 (Sept 11-13)
Copyfight - the Conference
These Aren't the Nodes You're Looking For
The Revolution Is Thirsty
When Are You Going to Sue the President? - Transcoded
When Are You Going to Sue the President?
Conferences: Signal or Noise, Cyberlaw in the Supreme Court
Chronicle of a Birth Told
No Joke: Grimmelmann Live-Blogs 'Global Flow of Information' Conference
Copyright, Copyfight
Rebirth of a Nation + Q&A at Harvard this Friday (Mar 11)
Myth(TV) Becomes Reality
Build-in Against the Broadcast Flag Mandate
Title 17 v. Reality
Copyright Wars 101
Ninth Circuit Affirms Grokster v. MGM Ruling
Freedom Fest 2004
IP and the Internet Meltdown
Online Colloquy: Fair Use & Academic Publishing
WIPO - Notes from Day One
The DMCA on (Mock) Trial @ Caltech
Lessig on Free Culture, Squared
ILAW Field Notes
Internet "Governance" - Is There a There, There?
Lessig & Zittrain on Regulating Speech
Copyfighters @ ILAW
CFP, Take 2
Start Your Engines
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
Blogging CFP, ILAW
Copyright Education Done Right
Wish I Were There

NMA on the WTO Dust-Up
In "Year Zero" Copyright Will Be Funny
Blogger Q&A
Pi, As A Hand Dance, Not Copyrighted
Fans to Blame for "Tunes for Tyrants"
The Brads on Why DRM Doesn't Work
Maybe They Think Tenenbaum Will Cover Their Legal Bills
OK Maybe Bottled Water Wasn't Such A Great Analogy
Evil Librarians
Dilbert Has a New Line of Business
PhD Comics on Scientific IP
Bale Out
UK Copyright Law, In Verse
Support the EFF
AC/DC Idiots?
PvP vs The Cartel
Steal This Comic
The Onion Explains FCC Censorship
Shirts vs. Suits
1-Click Patent Rejection
Mind the Spoof
Getting Paid is the Name of the Game
Judge Rules on Ownership of Unix IP
Dadaism, Parody, or Just a Political Ad?
...and Performs Around It
Pilotless Drone Drone Drone Drone
See What Pirating Books Leads To?
White House Remixes GWB
Remove Test Data Prior To Publication
Put A LittleSeratoninInMe
But Do Watch The Video
New Meaning of the Term "Artistic Engagement"
Dilbert Has Patent Troubles
Be Careful What You Ask For
Pope Benedict to Receive Nasty Letter from RIAA?
It's Only Funny Because We Thought Of It First
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
Bleep This
Your "Million Dollar Idea" Is My Million Dollar Idea
Just a Little Bit More Than the (IP) Law Would Allow...
That's Not a Copyfighter
Robot Renegade IP Maximalists
Abusing Amazon Images
Intellectual Property Justice League
May the Farce Be With You
Mickey Mouse Joins Public Knowledge
Roget's New Millennium Reveals the Truth!
Pope Palpatine I
Looks Like Cory's Gotta Call Fred Again
Siva Vaidhyanathan Fires Ann Bartow
Doctorow Issues DMCA Takedown for BoingBoing Parody Site
Parody is still protected, right?
Dogbert copyrights stupidity
Je Suis la Propagande!
Copyright "Thievery" Gives You Undereye Circles
For Your Ears Only

Interesting People
Why Create?
What If You Made a Record, But Nobody Knew?
This is More Like Going Steady
Pomplamoose is Still Making It
Lexi Alexander vs the Copyright Cartel
The Art of Asking for "The Art of Asking"
Free Music in a Capitalist Society
Be the Potato Salad
Rader Resigns, But Don't Cry
Smart People Saying Smart Things
Yeah, Like THAT's Going to Help
Props to Greg Sandoval
In Memoriam, Aaron Swartz
A Sad Loss
Can Freemium Models Work for Deep Journalism?
Posner on IP Restricting Creativity
Upcoming Volokh Postings This Week
Copyright, Copying, and Magic
Byrne's Long View on Music
Great Artists Steal, But Not From Me
Gotye Remixes People Remixing Gotye
The Economist on AFP
NYTimes Discovers Palmer is Doing Something Different
Twain on Creativity
AFP Kickstarter Funding Report, Part 2
AFP on "Where Is All the Money Going?"
This is the Future of Music
Dan Gillmor Goes Big, Goes Free, Goes Public
In the matter of Anderson v Sherman
A Worthwhile Hour of Your Time (post-SOPA)
Jonathan Coulton on Megaupload/Piracy
Get Your Doctorow On (and help fund EFF)
Day's Way Continues
SCOTUSblog Goes Big, Stays Free
May Their Memories Always Be A Blessing
Dear Daily Mail: You Suck At Copyright Infringement
Obvious Troll is... um... Uninformed
Yes, Mark, But Exactly How?
How Felicia Day is Making It Her Way
Two Creators' Takes On The State of Creating
"So Transparent It Has To Be Leaked"
Whereas Cory Thinks We're At War
Banksy to Debut Film at Sundance
In Their Own Words
The Struggle to be Noticed
Clay Shirky Predicts Media for 2009
Teach Your Kids to Break the DMCA
The War on Photography
Help Cory Help Others
Gaiman, Final Thoughts, and McFarlane
Fair Use, One Author's View
Update on the Gaiman Experiment
Sharing, Part of the Power of Everybody
Go Get Your Free Book
It's More Complicated, And More Interesting
The Smile of Success
As the Troll Turns
Prince & Fan Sites in Copyright Settlement Talks
A Writer's Perspective on the Strike
"[G]iving away my books is selling the hell out of them."
"Steal It, Steal Some More"
David v. Goliath, or Cowboys vs. Cartel
Ding Dong The Lich Is Dead
"DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy"
Linus on DRM
Alito on Copyright
Brandy Karl Stole the Tarts
Portrait of the Copyfighter As a Young Man
Give Hatch a Going-Away
Mining the Nominee's Views
Grokster Decision Leads to Web 2.0?
The Vision Thing Does Copyfight
Ready for Your Close Up, Mr. Lessig?
Commons, Anyone?
She's Gone Digital
The Future of Digital Media
On the Roots of Copyright Activism
The Difference Between Larry and Siva
Bush, Kerry Want to Save Betamax, Grokster
Know the Enemy 2: The LA Times Talks With Dan Glickman
Know the Enemy: New MPAA Chief Dan Glickman
The Willful Blindness of Jack Valenti
Call Me Dick
Grokking Gilmore

IP Abuse
Happy Not-Copyrighted Birthday
Facebook Admits it Might Have a Video Piracy Problem
Digital Homicide Studio v Fair Use
Yep, DRM Sucks and is used for Bad Things
You Keep Using That Word
Grinding Copyright Wars Grind on
This Would Be Why I Renewed My Pandora Membership
MPHJ Exposed
If I Wrote Fiction Like This Nobody Would Believe It
The Day One Garry's Incident Incident
Are Intermediaries in the Sales Chain Patent-Liable?
Lessig, EFF Take On Copyright Maximalists
I Swear I'm Going to Make a New Blog Category
From In-SiDi-ous to Ridiculous
New E-Book DRM Commits Piracy to ?Stop? Piracy
Hey, Librarians, Can You Help (Save Reading Rights for the Blind)?
EFF Challenges Bad Patent Filings - But There's a Bigger Issue
Where's My "Jaws" Theme Music?
Games Workshop Manages to Make A Whole Passel of New Enemies
Android App Developers Being Targeted By Patent Troll
Why People Hate (Patent) Trolls
Apple v Samsung: Surprises and Less At Issue
Sega Using Copyright Claims to Restrict Fan Discussion
Who Needs Three-Strikes Laws When You Have Overenthusiastic ISPs?
How Companies Get To Censor the Internet
When It's 20:1 Against. What Do You Do?
Stop the Extradition of Richard O'Dwyer
Notice the System Not Working
USPTO and Prior Art
Why Is Anyone Even Vaguely Surprised By This Shit Anymore?
Monkeying with Copyright
How Is The Porn Industry Like The Cartel?
NYSE Claims Photo Violates Trademark - WTF?
TorrentFreak Reports on Domain-Seizure Failures
Cartel Lawyers No Longer Shocked By Big Win
Now THAT's Funny!
Dear Ralph Lauren - Choose Your Targets Carefully
A Win Too Far?
Not Satisfied with Copying Policy, Canadian Think-Tank Copies Verbatim
Google Backs Up On Chrome EULA
Google, Chrome, and Copyright
Who Pays MediaDefender to Disrupt Peer to Peer Networks?
As the Cartel Turns
RIAA Continues to Backtrack on 2005 Statements
SFWA Shoots DMCA Shotgun, Hits Self and Innocents Too
Don't Mess with My Negotiations... Pretty Please?
When is a Reprieve Not a Reprieve
Clear Channel Are Scum-Sucking Bast... Oh, You Knew That
"Vikings, Reindeer, Aurora Borealis and Cute Blond Girls"
This is almost funny
Do Schools Teach Legal Self-Defense?
Was a Plagiarist Busted by iTunes?
New Improved Cartel Jihad! Now More Efficient Than Ever!
Pilotless Drone Drone Drone Drone
Is Painting Still Like Photography?
CNN Remixes Itself
People Really Frelling Unclear On The Concept
DVD Jon Does It Again
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Brainwashed
Joyce vs Joyceans
Miro Heirs Quash Google Tribute
Stupid Trademark Ideas?
Paying for Radio Play
Next, Appear Penitent
USC/Berkeley Report: over 30% of DMCA take-down notices are improper
Don't Use Sony's SunnComm DRM De-Installer Either
Boiling Frogs with Sony's Rootkit
Well THAT Didn't Take Long
Danger, Wil Wheaton
RIAA looking to break "record" button on satellite radios
Google Print Library: Clash of the Titans
RIAA in Santangelo Case: Umm...Can We Do Over?
Santangelo Lawyer: There's No Limit to the People We'll Represent
Do It Right Or Not at All
Blogging RIAA v. the People
Pretty Please with Sugar on Top?
The Difference Between Software and Drug Patents
Brother, Can You Spare a Patent License?
Canadian Judge Issues Harry Potter Gag Order
More on the BSA's 'Statistics'
Lies, Damn Lies and BSA Statistics
Broadcast Flag to Sneak Through Senate Tomorrow?!?
Stealing the David
More IP Maximalism Than You Can Shake a Stick At
Rush Limbaugh: Copyfighter?
BSA Frustrated that People Actually Analyze Their Copyright Infringement 'Statistics'
Your locked-down digital future
Grease and Desist: The Musical
Gratz on Shrinkwrap Licenses for Books
Shrink Wrap Licensed Books
A Photofinish for Copyright's Unintended Consequences
We Are The Law
Copyright Holder Nixes Performance of Play Due to Race of Performers
A Shameful Act of Censorship and Betrayal
In the "Are you S**tting Me?" Category
St. Lawrence Univ. Abuses Copyright Law to Determine Identity of Anonymous Bloggers
Record Labels Squashing Cover Ringtones?
Hilary Rosen Laments Apple's DRM Strategy
Gives New Meaning to "Rent A Cop"
Help Break the IP Stupidity Pact
French Court Outlaws DRM?
Uses for Useless DRM
Aharonian on IBM's Patent Hypocrisy
Reason #85,0027 That Business-Method Patents Suck
On Trademarking the Color Brown
Something for Marty
Canadian MP: Handcuffing Students Won't Help Artists
Sue your customers, now with extra vitriol
How Does Your EULA Suck?
Tattoo Artist Sues NBA Star for Copyright Infringement
The One Where Richard Stallman Calls Bill Gates a Communist
RIAA Sues Dead People
The DMCA wants to be violated
Ding Dong, the EU Software Patents...
Teaching Still Legal
DRM Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
What Can't I Do Today?
ACS Sues Google Over "Scholar" Trademark
Patent Vulture Firms Circle Broken Patent System
Software Patents = = WMD
How to Get In the Game
It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Eldred
Perfect 10 Sues Google
Fair Use -- for $350
On the Birth of TiVo-tising
RIAA bloodlust not satisfied with 12-year-old Brianna, sues 10-year-old downloader
Mitchell v. Project Gutenberg .au: Lawyer Surprised by Effect of C&D
Krispy Kreme goes after 36-year-old ice cream stand for TM infringement
I'm Mad As Hell, and I'm Not Going to Pay For It Anymore
Copyright Takedown Experiment Reveals Horrible ISP Policies
HBO freezes fair use; plugs analog hole
Disney Caught Pirating from Public Domain -- and Children!
Senator McCain shows spine on IP; defends controlling your own TV/DVR
Olsen Twins take a page from Arnold's playbook; threaten t-shirt maker
FvL on Grokster Cert Petition
New Patent-Battle Hotspot: WiFi
BusinessWeek: Are the Copyright Wars Chilling Innovation?
CNN Abusing DMCA Takedown?
Copyright v. Democracy
Oregon's (Donald) Duck
Click Here to Allow Unlawful Restraint of Trade
Free Speech Vindicated in OPG v. Diebold
God and MGM at Stanford
Cutting Patent Claims Back Down to Size
Linux Australia "Shot in the Dark" by MPAA
Updating the Copyright Clause
RIAA Lobbyist: DRM 'up or INDUCE is gonna getcha
Judge Posner: Misuse Remedies for Copyright's Chill
SP2 Bandwidth Suck Leads Colleges to Block MSFT Updates
Ok/Cancel: The sunk costs of innovation vs. litigation
There's One Born Every Minute
Bobblehead Manufacturer Settles with Schwarzenegger
Embargo Lifted
Apple vs. Real: A DRM Story
Apple vs. Reverse Engineering
Oops - I Seem To Be Standing On Your Shoulders
This Use Is Fair Use
Are You Experienced?
Rip, Mix, Sue
RIAA Goes After Store that Supports Music Sales
Surprise! Competitive Enterprise Institute Finds INDUCE Act Anti-Competitive
Audible - Do Not Distribute, Alter or Edit Audio of 9/11 Hearings
Copyfight's Guide to LawMeme's Guide...
Fair Use It or Lose It, Part III
Speaking of Acacia
IP as "Property": Point/Counterpoint
Fox on Fair Use: Lose It
University Press Refuses to Be Fair Use Guinea Pig
Absurd Copyright Claims Collection
NY Times on DVD DRM
Camera & Cell Phone Batteries = Next DMCA Frontier?
RCN's New Tethered Music Service
EFF's Top Ten Patents That Shouldn't Be Granted
Tech Companies Rally Against the Induce Act
A Tale of Two Tethers
Backblog: The Induce Act
RIAA Wooing California District Attorneys with Free Drinks, CD give-aways
More on Barbie's battles...
Mattel Spanked for Bringing Objectively Meritless Suit Against Artist
Playing RIAA Attorney for a Day
Book Publisher Knopf Rattles Copyright Saber
Tiffany's sues eBay under shaky TM theory for failure to police counterfeits
Fourth Circuit Affirms that Passive Hosting/Viewing of Web Content without Knowledge is not Copyright Infringement
CD DRM Keeps Music Off P2P Filesharing Networks
You Just Can't Trust BMW Owners
The Sony-fication of Apple?
Videogame Publishers Launch DMCA Lawsuit
Now Is the Time for All Good Men...
Wanted: Stupid Patents
Incredibly Dumb DRM Tactics - iTunes Example #1
WIPO - It's a Wrap
WIPO - Notes from Day Two
Blogging Copyright Infringement
Burning DRM's CDs
It Is All About Locking Down the System
First Sale Hurts Videogame Market Claims Gamespot Guest Columnist
From Japan, a Broadcast Flag Preview
UnFairPlay: Von Lohmann on DRM v. Competition
Penn State v. Education II
Penn State v. Education?
Lawsuit Launched Over Schwarzenegger Bobbleheads
Sony Electronic's Sad, Preventable Decline
Copywrongs and Godwin's Law
DRM is a Folding Chair
Video Art or Copyright Crime?
Tales of DRM Terror
Musician Survey Says P2P lawsuits aren't helping
Free Speech? Not on the Gubernator's Watch
Schwarzenegger Threatens to Sue Over Bobblehead Doll
Meet The New iTunes, Less than the Old iTunes
Trusted Computing/DMCA v. Diebold's Pentagon Papers
FBI Raids Public Schools in AZ
MichaelFroomkinWiki: Are You Copyright Experienced?
The Killing Fields of Free Culture
Prelude to a CFP
Bad Patents in for a Spanking
Court Rules Yoga Nonprofit Has Standing for Declaratory Judgment suit against Bikram
Copyright in Fireworks Displays
Broadcast Flag, Supersized
Clarke Unhappy with Remixed Campaign Culture
Amazon Receives Patent on Browser Cookies; Stallman Protests
Rental Nation
Korean Copyright Owners Demand Reduce Functionality for Cellphones
The King of Copyright Has Left the Building
Berkman on iTMS
Nashville Songwriters Lament Their Dying Profession
Copyrighting Newspaper Headlines?
Slashdot Calculates RIAA Lawsuit Layaway Plan
Real Hypocrisy
Crawford on the Broadcast Flag
Eldred III
Scoping out Trademark Abuse Online
Trump Now in the IP Biz
Mobile Phone Maker LG Clashes with Korean RIAA over MP3 Phone

IP Markets and Monopolies
A Natural Superfood, and Intellectual Property
Dogs Now Fight in Slightly Cleaner Pit (Thanks, Amazon)
Who Owns the Software in Your Car?
Counting E-Book Sales is a Dark Art
Nintendo Rolls Out Terrible Deal for YouTubers
Cory Doctorow Would Like You to Know About Downpour
Too Many Words, Not Enough Readers
Two Copyright-in-Gaming
Is Patent Valuation a Leading Indicator of Trolls' Demise?
CBS to HBO: Wait for Us!
Sometime Next Year, HBO Will Become Netflix
College Students vs Rising Textbook Prices
"Amazon is crowdsourcing their slush pile"
Hey, Look, E-Books Still Suck
Having (Mostly) Failed with Authors, Amazon Makes a Pitch for the Readers
Uncle Amazon Knows What's Best for You (and Itself)
When Politics and Copyright Collide
YouTube's a Monopsony, In Case You Hadn't Noticed
Myriad Continues Fight Over BRC Genes
More Evidence People Don't Learn from the Past
Who's Taking All That Money?
Big Pharma Continues to be Big Evil
Sony Throws in the E-Book Towel
Adobe Plans to Force Everyone to Change to New DRM
Refreshingly Honest Corporate Greed
Author's Guild Remains Out of Touch with Reality
Open Market, 314, and Obviousness
Elsevier's "Feeble Facade" Crumbling
Cell Phone Unlocking (yawn)
YouTube Steps Up Copyright Battle Against Game Channels
Elsevier Upping the Ante in its Opposition to Academics
Contract Royalties Plummet, Concert Income Grows
Another Example of Why Monopsonies are Bad
"You Sure You Want To Do This?"
Is the Chinese (Corporate) Approach to IP Changing?
EA Makes (some of) its Digital Games Returnable
Rip, Mix, (3D) Print
There is a Hole in Your Mind
Authors, Libraries, and E-Books
The Music Has (Finally) Changed
Is Showing Live Play of a Game a Copyright Violation?
Two Things About Past Stories
Analyzing Netflix's Economics Misses Netflix's Long Game
Cable Is Still Dying, Or So They Say
Nintendo Decides It Can Own Fans' YouTube Content
While You Weren't Looking, Aereo Has Been Busy
Tor Sees No Increase In Illegal Copies After One Year DRM-Free
Who Should Be Using Broadcast-TV Spectrum?
Books on Board Shuttering
Redigi Loses Round One
Aereo Wins in the Second
Name Your Price Webcomic
Indian Court Upholds Compulsory Licensing Scheme
Authors and (Used) E-book Panic
Taking Stock of the Farmer v Agribiz Case
PeerJ's Disruptive Pricing "Secret"
Can Meaningful Connections Be Profitable in Digital Music?
(Littlest) Cheese Crumbles
What are the Economics of Producing a Streaming Series?
Is A La Carte Pricing for Television Economical?
One Author, One Title, One Set of Numbers
(Digital) Music Sales Surge Post-Xmas
Sometimes There's A Story in What Didn't Happen
BBC: Nothing New in TV Show Piracy
Streaming News
The (Littlest) Cheese Stands Alone - So Sad
Guess What, E-Books Still Suck
When IP Hits Closer To Home
How Do We Make More Than Pennies Flow?
We Are Not Amused
Marketing by Lawsuit
Two More Stories About E-Books and Business
Owners Rights Initiative Kickoff, and Other Kirtsaeng Action
Amazon's Flub (Finally) Hits Mainstream Media
Is Streaming Music A Viable Business? For Whom?
Why DRM Hurts the Blind, Which is to Say "All of Us"
More Insanity Associated with Aero
Wal-Mart Sniper-Kills Kindle
Who Here Remembers Lexmark?
Demonstrably Insane, But Legal
Drugs, IP, Convenience, and Price
Amazon Cuts Off Unglue.it
Game IP Hits Bigtime
Monopolism Is Not Limited to the Cartel
The Last Buggy-Whip Olympics
The Cartel Created This Mess, Deliberately
It's Stupid Season Out In Cable TV-land
Def Leppard to Record Label: No!
First Sale Gets A Second Life in Europe
If the TV Business is Collapsing It's Their Own Goddamn Fault
Daniel Moore Can Continue To Paint Red
Hey AOL! Sauce for the Goose...
Elsevier Loses a Big Name, Publicly
How The Harvard Book Store is Reinventing Retail Bookselling
Village Person Terminates Cartel Rights
Kindle Sales Dropping Already, Publishers Back Off IPad Apps
Amazon is Nobody's Darling Right Now
B&N/Microsoft to Compete With Apple & Amazon
This Could Be Huge - Tor Dumps DRM
Is Academic Publishing Finally At A Crossroads?
Ignoring the Real Anticompetitive Behavior in the E-Book Antitrust Suit
Nest Fires Back At Honeywell
How Did Jon Sargent Get So Divorced From Reality?
Smells Like Sarcasm, Reads Like A Smackdown
What is "KDP Select" and Does It Matter?
Indian Court Decision May End Cheap Generics
Is Cloud Retransmission Legal for Broadcast TV?
Who Decides What Books You Can Buy?
Updates and Short Bits
Hines on Amazon Re-Pricing Authors' Books
Und you VILL Sign Zis Contract Or Else!
When Tim O'Reilly Gets It and the Cartel Doesn't
Just How Much Trouble Are Google/Motorola/Samsung In?
Could There Be A Legal Secondary Market for MP3s?
Cuckoo's Nest
Apple's Evil Sabotage
Apple Jumps Into iBooks - With Hobnailed Boots
Joe Konrath Claims USD 100,000 E-book Profits in Jan
It's Not Just E-Books, Movie Prices Suck Too
Still More On E-Book Prices And Complaining
Gillmor on the E-Book Pricing "Swindle"
Will Drugs IP Ever Change? Not if Johnson & Johnson Gets A Say
Can Legitmix Remix Copyright? (Hint: no)
BT Jumps on the "Sue Google" Bandwagon
Mediashift Just Slightly Misses the Mark
ZDNEt: Apple is in Worldwide Patent War
Another Problem with Paywalls and DRM
You Didn't Think You OWNED That E-Book, Right?
Two New Fights in Online Music
Silly People, Books Are For Selling!
We're Not Following You, We Just Patented A Method For It
How Many E-Books?
Is This A Future For Audiobooks?
Black Monolith vs Apple
Springsteen, Kool, Henley et al vs The RIAA
Big-Headed Dolls, Big Dollars Settlement
Sandoval (CNET) Does His Homework
Do You Read Books Once And Dispose of Them?
Is Self-Publishing Finally Coming Into Its Own?
Pandora and the Ongoing Search for Profits
Apple Tries to Stop People Giving Away Their Products
Drugs, Prices, and Patents
NHL Takes P.R. Lessons from Cartel
In Their Own Words They Damn Themselves
Makena Update
Can Do-It-Yourself Publishing Really Work?
Money, Patents, and Killing People
Patrick Rothfuss offers to help Nathan Fillon buy back Firefly
Lego Loses EU Trademark; More Trouble Coming?
NY Times Weighs in on Plumpy'Nut
Doctorow v eBook Publishers
Killed by Code?
Who Owns Your Android Apps?
Digital Tickets Raise Ownership Questions
It's In The Times, So It Must Be Respectable Now
Sita vs Netflix
Arguments Against Gene Patents
The Urge To Share
iPad Does What the Cartel Dreams Of
More IP That Kills
Recording for People Who Want to Listen
How To Rescue Things from the Slush Pile
DOJ to Google Books: "Hold On There"
Publishing for People Who Want to Read (Magazines)
Scalzi on Amazon Fail
Good Hackers
OK Go Admit They're In Slavery
The Slush Pile and Self-Publishing
Marshal McLuhan Paging OK Go
The (Public Domain) Day That Wasn't
How Are Textbooks Like Prescription Drugs?
A Little Light Weekend Reading - Google Books Settlement
"Veihl'd" Assumptions
Cognitive Dissonance Writ Large
It's People Like You What Cause Unrest
Pay to Play May Come to Broadcast At Last
Real DVD Monopolies (or so says RealNetworks)
Copyfight is Everywhere
Why Is This Still So Goddamn Hard?
Is Silence the Price of Patents?
Copyright Owners Contributing to the Destruction of Their Own Property
Are Resales Killing Publishing?
Why Proprietary, Locked Media Are Bad
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
RIAA Declares Jihad Over; ISPs to Slap Wrists (for now)
Rebellyon - Amanda Palmer and Roadrunner Records
Euros Put Cost (to People) on Patent Lawsuits
Lala Land?
Apple Gets a Dock Patent
Rowling Wins Against Lexicon
Royalties on Digital Tunes Stable Through 2012 - DRM in Doubt
Disney and the Copyright on Mickey Mouse
An End To A 'Reprieve' - Bye Bye Web Radio?
Be Careful What You Wish For
Did Microsoft (over)Implement the Broadcast Flag?
Publishers vs Academics
How Much Potter Does Rowling Own?
Can E-Zines Succeed?
Bye Bye (Buy?) Baidu
Qtrax Backtrax
Two Big Digital Music Service Moves
More Microsoft Woes
More EMI Woes
Even Fools Don't Invest in the Music Business
The Hollywood Writer's Strike, in Under Four Minutes
Oink Thumbs Its Nose At Cartel, Even In Death
Apple v Burst, and Bad Reporting
NBC Makes Viewers' Lives Harder with Stupid Download Plan
Tear Down the (Digital Science Publishing) Walls
Did Amazon "Beat" Apple in the Tiff Over NBC Shows?
Fair Use "Has Gone Missing"?
How Hollywood Closed The "Analog Hole"
ATT to Pearl Jam: oops (not sorry)
Blockbuster Buys Movielink
AC/DC Snubs iTunes, Makes Life Difficult for Fans
FMC Files Complaint Against Clear Channel
Don't Bother Me With Mere Facts
The Cartel's Reach is Long
Another Sputtering Moron Joins the Jihad
ATT Joins Cartel Jihad
No, Mr Web Radio. I Expect You To DIE!
TiVo's in Ur House, Sellin' Ur Data
NTP Crosses Palm
Peace Breaks Out
Copyright vs Scholarship
Equivalent, High-Quality, Legal Alternatives
Cartel Inching Away from DRM Police State?
Wendy debates MPAA's Fritz Attaway on DRM
MLB vs Fantasy Baseball
What Does a Torrent Deal Amount To?
The Money Stops with Steve Jobs
More Follow the Money
Startups Do Sue Big Players
Is Post-Punk Laptop Rap the Cartel's Waterloo?
Don't Miss Cato vs. the DMCA
MPAA vs Usenet
Judge to NTP, RIM: Settle!
Apple's DMCA to the Max[xuss linkers]
Because, You Know, Movie Piracy is WRONG
Austen making a publishing comeback (from the public domain)
Fall of the House of Cards?
RIM Pushed to the Edge
Don't Confuse the Company and the Protocol
BBC Catalogs Sony's Woes
Canada lets Mega Bloks build on expired Lego patents
Boiling Frogs with Sony's Rootkit
See Sony. See Sony Backpedal. See Sony Backpedal Fast.
Apple Trying to Patent "Tamper-Resistant" Software
DRM Is Not a Contract, Part II
Dear Recording Industry: You're Being Had
DRM Is Not a Contract
Music (Download) Money Muddle
In Praise of First Sale, Part II
In Praise of First Sale
RentMyDVR. Buy my lawsuit?
At What Price, Injustice?
Sue All the World; Sue All the Children
The meaning of TiVo's DRM bug
What Can't You Do With the New IPod Phone?
They Shoot Emerging Markets, Don't They?
P2P Now Number 2
If You Build It, They Will Come
Dumb Ideas, Part 3 - Competing Standards
Where Does Hollywood Make Its Money?
Behavior is Always More Complex
Biting the Hand That Buys From You
Brazil and Abbott Labs Reach Deal
Whither Movies?
United Way CTO Fires Salvo at Fundraising Patents
EMI Joins BMG in Customer Harrassment Program
iTunes Isn't Number Two, After All
Taking Derivatives, or How Many Copies Fit on a Disc
iTunes Now Number Two
Because Giving the Customers What They Want Always Gets You Sued
Meanwhile, the Music DRM Marches On
Point Counter... Oh Screw It
The Economist Rails on Flawed BSA Piracy Study
How Much Profit Is In Downloadable Music?
Yahoo! Jumps! Into! Music! Game!
"Podcasting" Experiment
Patents and the Software Industry
Follow the Money
I Can't Believe It's Not Cory
Cracks in Omerta
Tech Reality != Business Reality
What the Cartel Thinks
Typically, the Major Labels Have Lost Interest
Whither MusicNet?
Death of the CD?
Why Microsoft Won't Fight the Broadcast Flag
The revenge of Sapir-Whorf
Sony Day
Consumer groups weigh in
Let's make downloading more attractive
Ouch, There's a Patent in my Palm!
It's a shame those UK viewers are so...
What They Said
Palm: How to Lose Fans and Alienate Developers
Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Ecomonic Model of Copyright Comes Down on First Monday
Calling the DRM Bluff
M$ for Choice? - Er, Not So Much
M$ for Choice
HDTV: Engineering for Incompatibility
When You're the Schoolyard Bully, Everyone Has to Play with You
Hypocrite, Thy Name Is Real
Induce Act = Farm Subsidies
Competition to Apple: Get Real
Guest Room
Two on Tethers
Guess I'm Going to Have to Buy the White Album Again
The 9/11 Report -- A Bestseller from the Public Domain
GD gets its GIF Back, Patent-Free
You Bought It. They Own It.
eBay Quietly Tests Facilitating Sales of Digital Downloads
DRM Is Bad for Monopolists, Too
RIAA Killed the Radio TiVo
Fruit Baskets, Free Riders, and Fair Use
New NPD Study: P2P Recommends CDs for Its Users Who Buy CDs
Felten's Grand Unified Theory of File-Sharing
All Your Time Shifting Are Belong to Us
NYT on UNC/Harvard P2P Study
Gmail and Copyright (or The Revenge of Moore's Law)
Record Labels Using "Pirate" Data to sell more CDs
Is Hollywood Undercutting Music Sales?
New UNC Study Finds File-sharing Has No Effect on CD Sales

IP Use
3C is Fair Parody
Who Made That Music?
What Do You Do When You Discover You're a Copyright Thief?
A Smaller Piece of a Much Bigger Market
Why Make the Secondary Market?
Compare and Contrast Approaches to the DMCA
Makers, Fan Art, Making it Pay
USPTO Cancels "Redskins" Trademarks
You Keep Using That Phrase
Old Tricks, New Rulings
Phoenix (music) Supports Free Use
What Should Copyright Look Like Now?
Stageit Helps Artists Play for Fans, for a Price
Washington Post Surprised by Obvious Actions
Beasties, Toys, and Fair Use
Google Wins, Author's Guild Loses, Do We Win Too?
When Policy Trumps Common Sense
What (a Pair of) Lawyers Think You Should Do About 3D Printed Objects
perma.cc Tries to Combat Link Rot
When Game Consoles are Blu-Ray Players
How a Maker Made More Makers
Encouraging Legitimate Sales by Legitimizing Sharing
A Relatively Balanced Look at Patent Trolls
Dave Lowery is Still Mad At Pandora
How to Value, How to Use, Patents
Let's Try a More Rational Legal Approach to 3D Printing Law
Compulsive Looking and (Lack of) Copyrights At Museums
Patent Trolls for the Little Guy
Video Game Development Game Ironic Piracy
Sony Will Not Block Used Games
PledgeMusic - Is This the New Business of Making Music?
HathiTrust, Copyright, and Electronic Library Media
Myrvold Patents, Tech Review Flubs
Gaming, DRM, Piracy, and the Price of Working in PR
Who Writes Your Documentary Films?
(Trade) Publishers Have Virtue
John Scalzi Enters the Tor DRM-Free Waters, With Cautions
Legitmix Enters Beta, Model Unchanged
Google Extends Its Transparency Report to Copyright
Drew Wilson and the Science of File Sharing
UK Academics Move to Free Up Taxpayer-Funded Research
Facebook Sues Yahoo! - Right Back Atyoo!
What If There Was A Tablet Before Apple's?
Yahoo! Sues Facebook, Bloggers Hyperventilate Massively
Copyright Rules for (College) Students
Tattoos as Speech
Two More Modern Business Copyfight Models
How to Get Self-Published, How To Get Loaned
Scholar Experiments With New Media Models
What if You Deliberately Used BitTorrent To Distribute Your Book?
This is How We Mash, 2011 Business Models
Borderlands Shared Universe Reappears, Shares a Bit More
"The Power of Few" Calls on Power of Many
The Gaga Saga
How Could They Not Screw It Up?
Canadian RIA Pays Up
A Sane Approach to Sharing (News Online)
A Personal Puzzler - Who Owns This Audio?
George Lucas Pirated Chewbacca's Image
Experimental Derivative Art
Remix Age Youth and Plagiarism
Living Your Own Philosophy (remix)
Guterman Makes "Sandinista Project" Free Again
Reclusive Mathematician to Crowdsourcers: Hold On There
What Does That Make Us?
The Cartel Swallows Marvel - IP Contention Ensues
A Style Mash-Up
IAF Goes For The Sponsors
More Fun Free Things
Sometimes It Is That Easy
More Good Free Science
Thru-You, the YouTube Mashup
NiN Giving It Away
Watchmen Judgment Posted
An ASCAP for Books
Politics and Song Rights
People Unclear on the Concept?
Copying in Political Speech
Get Your War On, Cartoonists
Get Yourself Some RIAA-Free Music
Google One Up, One Down in Patent Decision
Jackson, New Line Settle - Hobbit to Go Forward
It's Not A Copyright Thing (?)
Burst, Apple Settle - Nobody Notices?
Shared Free Science
NBC's Download Saga Continues
From Rock Gods to Ringtones
Too Many Cooks Spoil The Copyright?
A Couple of PoD followups - Expensive!
Anyone Have An Opinion on Createspace?
Why Watermark? To Target Ads
Universal to 'Watermark' non-DRMed MP3
How to Download Free (Legal) Music
Getting Music To An Audience, 21st-Century Style
Apple Puts (Your) Names in DRM-Free Music
Now THIS is Funny
BBC Trust Issues DRM/Download Decisions
Fair Use and Scientific Illustration
BBC Signs on to MSFT DRM
Apple Settles with Apple, Keeps Apple Name
What Does IP Have To Do With Who Directs "The Hobbit"?
Are We Really Smarter Than Me?
Writers, Wills, and Posthumous IP Care
A "Mock-You-mentary"
PLOS Growing Plans
The Web Never Forgets
What is the Future of the Book?
Music Genome Project Opens Pandora's Box
BPL "Rents" Digital Videos
No Sleep 'till I See My Video
Publish to the People Moves Forward
What Right in Digital Actors?
Bill Graham Archive Online
Biting the Hand that Feeds the TV Show
A Study in Contrasts: eBaying pacemakers or pillows
Google Adds Music Info to Searches
RIM/NTP Mud Splashes Microsoft
Can Patent Policies be Socially Responsible?
Media Storage Lockers
Copyright Mythbusters: Believe It or Not, Fair Use Exists
On the (Neglected) User in Copyright Law
Just the Facts, M'am
Reining In Schroeder
Speaking Volumes, Part II
Button Up for Creative Commons
Dvorak on Creative Commons: Now I Get It
A Copy Is As a Copy Does
Speaking Volumes
A Charter for the Future of Intellectual Property
Until You're Ready for OpenCourseWare
The new threat: Subway map sharing?
Patry Reverses Course on Google Print Library Project
Google Sued for Massive Copyright Infringement
Rip, Mix, Share (TV)
Wal-Mart = Copyfighter?
Architecture and Copyright: Order Without Law?
Filesharing Amnesty - For Real, This Time
Dave Matthews Band v. DRM?
Google Print Is As Google Print Does
Google Print Library: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda
Gaiman on Audio & MP3 CDs
The Upside of Misunderstanding
A Shared Playlist for Copyfighters
(Permission) Culture Study
Patents "More Burden Than Benefit" at Venture Level
Friday Fun Stories
Obviously We're Not Using Enough of Google's Disk Space
No Demonstrable Link Between Filesharing and Lost CD Sales
Free Science in the Public Interest
Google's Scan Plan Draws Critics
Repositories vs. Spreaders of Knowledge
50 Cent Ain't Sweatin' Da Repercussions of P2P
David v. Goliath - Starring Warren Beatty as David
When More is Too Darned Much
This Data Just Wants to Be Public
Engine vs. Caboose
Fabulous Presentation on Beatallica & Ulrich v. Sony at Signal or Noise
Some Downloading Is Legal (and Updates Every 6 Hours)
Shades of Burst
Nation Won't Let Nation Touch Its Preciousssss
Do You Know Where That Picture Has Been?
BBC Rips, Mixes Creative Commons
President Bush: Fair User or Darknet Thief?
A Torrent of Government Documents
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
"Creative Archive" Poised for a Trip Back to the Future
Hal Varian on Grokster: It's the size of the pizza, stupid
Cruel Intentions
Relocate the Delocator
I'm Not Only a Member of the Hair Club for Men, I'm Also...
Starbucks Delocator, Delocated
EBay wins another round
How to Fix the Orphan Works Problem
Penning new Pan
EBay lost, but may have the last laugh
Free Fiona!
Copyright Bull***t
First Hilary Rosen, Then Fritz Attaway
More on Marvel v. NCSoft
WIPO Comics Remixed
This Isn't a Copyfight
James Boyle: Public Information Wants to Be Free
Even Lars Approves
Bright ideas, delivered to your desktop
Copyfight: The Documentary
What He Said
Listen (Shhh) to What the Librarians Say
Eyes on the Copyright Fight
Let a Thousand Googles Bloom
Canada's (Copy)fight for a National Digital Library
Grey Album Named Best of 2004
P2P for CC
Linkable + Thinkable: Google Edition
Google Wow
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed
Grimmelmanniacs Rejoice
Boyle Responds to Epstein on Open Source Sustainability
Sony BMG Inhales
The Key to a Good (Fair Use) Defense
Fisher on P2P Crisis and Opportunity
Who Holds the Copyright to the Universe?
Creative Commons Blows Up
Quoth the Nazgul, "Nevermore"
Toward a Gentleman's Agreement on Copyright
Cory on the Creative Archive
This Song Is Our Song
The Pixies ride the New Wave of Internet Distribution
Powerful Language from the MGM v. Grokster Decision
More Free Music Than You Can Listen To
Barbie's In a Blender
Lessig's Free Culture on Third Printing Despite/Due to Free Downloads
Parodist Fined for Getting People Interested in Politics
Woody Guthrie on Copyright
Movie Industry Exercises Restraint
A Call for a Wiki of the 9/11 Commission Report
Duke University Induces iPod Education
U.S. Clings to "Britney" Business Model, Japan Asks Why We're Not Interested
Rock and Roll Scheduled to Enter Public Domain in Europe Soon
Freedom to Fisk
Fair Use It Or Lose It - More Talking in the Library
Seltzer on "OutFOXed"
Totally Jeffersonian
BMG Sells It Like It Is
Fair Use It or Lose It
Bloomberg on Hollywood and Internet Piracy
Amazing Grace - the MST3K Definition
Should Libraries Let Patrons Annotate e-Books?
Bravo Zulu
Study on Copynorms in First Monday
WiFi WANs and LANs
The Rise of the Videogame Sprite Comic
Commercials - Rip, Mix, Post on a Website
Danish Alternate Compensation Scheme for Porn
Die Duckomenta
Compromising Darknets
Free Ringtones
Talking About an Evolution
Common Sense on Compilation Copyright- The Dorothy Parker Case
No Infringement = A Lesser "Kill Bill"
Trifecta: Legal P2P?
Bush/Trump Mash-up Raises Copyright Questions
Bad Faith Fair Use
Reimagining Mickey Mouse
AT&T Wireless to ID radio songs
Salon on Groklaw's Open Source Approach to Legal Research
Bowie and Audi Team Up to Mash-Up
Support Our Troops: Legalize Music Sharing
Annotated Potter and a Call to Support Marginalia Generally
Canadian Politician OK with P2P
Dashiell Hammett and the Case of the Public Domain
The Year 1632 Was a Good One for Copyright
Free Culture - The Collaborative Chinese Translation Edition
Wilco Accepts P2P, Applauds Donations from Downloaders
Remix, Reuse and Vote
Piracy in Progress
Reuters on Headlines and Bloggers
The Annotated Lessig and Other Stories of Free Culture
Comictastic: Napsterize the Comics' Prize?
George Romero's Night of the Living Dead in PD; on Archive.org
Breakfast Cereal Icons and Independent Creation
Bway To Offer RIAA-proof DSL?
Godwin/Public Knowledge on DRM
Voluntary Collective Licensing--Got the Picture?
Sharing Creativity: BNL & RvB
Another Hollywood Insider Caught With Hand in the Cookie Jar
Automakers Use Secret Codes to Fight Aftermarket Competition

Stupid Lawyer Tricks, Streisand Effect Edition
Don't Miss Cato vs. the DMCA
Copyfighter of the Week
Journalism Happens
New York Times Editorial Board == Copyfighters
Same Blawg Time, New Blawg Channel
Shout Out to JP
Culture of Hope
DirecTV Drops "Guilt-by-Purchase" Strategy

Laws and Regulations
Trademark Law Includes False Endorsement
Crash Patents
At the End of this Hypothetical Day I Might Be Destroyed
Belgian Court Acquits Pirate Bay Founders
Sometimes Saying Nothing is Saying Something
Europeans Make Really Stupid Copyright Decisions, Too
CAFC Yer Still Doin' It Wrong
A Difference between Content and Carrier
SCOTUS vs CAFC, Round N+1
Eleventh Upholds Case-by-Case Infringement Review Concept
Rule 84 and Patent Trolls
Google Asks for Supreme Court Review
Making Money from Art is Professional (in the US)
Muddying the Natural (Patent) Waters
Lest You Had Any Doubts, the ALA is on the Right Side Again
Deadly Effects of Unaffordable Medicines (TPP)
FMC + Musicians vs FCC on Net Neutrality
Aereo Loses
CAFC Wins, Alice Loses
If the CAFC Isn't Listening, Maybe Other Judges Are
More CAFC Volleyball
Two Patent Cases from Sotomayor
No, I'm Not Going to Bother Posting Another Revolving Door Pic
What is the Solicitor General Arguing in Aereo?
Performance Rights, Aereo, and the Cloud
Google as "The Copyright Court of Last Resort"
Is There an Independent "Right of Performance"?
Interesting Patent Note: Reducing to Practice
Would Congress Revisit Fair Use?
Mayo Coming Home to Roost
The FCC Lost, not Net Neutrality
OK, Let's Stop Harassing Apple Over E-Books
TPP No Longer Secret
SCOTUS Looks to Move Back Into IP Disputes
AM/FM Broadcast Royalties Fight in Congress
Apple's E-Book Terms Set
New Zealand Bans Software Patents (Not Really)
Another Football (Game) IP Question - Split in the 9th
Apple, the Mastermind, Guilty
Samuels, Ultramercial, and It's Not That Easy
Myriad Genetics, One Opinion
Oh, Yeah, DOJ is Still Suing Apple over E-Books
Who Really Owns The Librarian of Congress?
Two Proposals To Change The Rules - One Good, One Bad
CAFC Muddies Patent Waters - With a Power Blender
Could the US Government Finally Be Moving on IP Law Problems?
British Photo Copyright Orphans' Concern
Second Circuit Restores Traditional Fair Use Tests
Safe Harbor (YouTube) Wins Another Round
SCOTUS Reverses in Kirtsaeng
Next Moves in the DMCA Mexican Stand-Off
Whitehouse Says Yes to Unlocking Phones; Librarian of Congress Yawns
For Your Convenience Your ISP is Now Spying On You
Legal and Illegal International Copyright Regimes
DMCA Violation Penalty Now Larger Than Terrorism Penalty
David Post on Copyright and Originalism
Kappos Thinks AIA Will Fix Patents
Is the Legal System Itself Creating Patent Trolls?
Could Something (IP) Good Come from the Republicans in Congress?
The Patent "Bargain" (in Canada)
CAFC, Abstraction, Mayo, and New Cases
Google Wins Again In Ongoing Google Books Litigation
Supreme Court Grants Cert for Bowman v. Monsanto
There's A "Blue Suede Shoes" Pun In Here Somewhere
How Far Does Copyright Extend in Functional vs Expressive?
As Others See Us
CAFC Wants to Bring (Its) Order to Patent Eligibility Rules
EFF's Latest Patent Effort Seriously Misguided
Geist is a Go-To Guy
Mayo, Confusion, and What is Patentable
2nd Circuit Rules on Viacom v YouTube
What Do RICO and Botnets Have To Do With Copyright?
Cartel Abuse Goes South
SCOTUS Says Your Thoughts Are Still Unpatentable
The Cartel Is the Law Now
That Sound You Hear May Be An Oncoming Train
Apple Wins Again in Germany Against Motorola
Elsevier Backs Down on RWA
How To Make Things Better; How To Make Things Worse
More "Post" SOPA
Three Stories from the Immediately Post-SOPA World
What the Hell is Up with Copyrights in the UK?
On the Dissent in Golan v Holder
E-Book Pricing War Gets DOJ's Attention
David Post on DMCA and the Arab Spring
How To Get Out of BitTorrent Lawsuits
Silly People, Books Are For Reading
It's Not Just The Cartel (Excessive Awards)
"What.." Makes Fair Use Easier
There's a(n Ebook) War Going On
Misuse of Dictionaries in Patent (and Other) Decisions
Copyright Yo Face!
Vicarious Infringement in Corporate Settings
Viacom et al. v. Youtube And Its Importance
US Wants More Penalties on IP Violators
Copyright vs Free Speech at SCOTUS
Obama Administration Continues to Export Jihad
The Shakespeare Conspiracy
Thierry Guetta, Shepard Fairey, and Copyright Lawsuits
RIAA Continues DoJ Takeover
Copyrights in a List
First-Sale Doctrine Under Fire
Russia Uses Microsoft IP to Suppress Dissent
Breaking DRM Gets New Protections
DMCA, Dongles, and Breaking DRM
RIAA Gets Slapped; Tenenbaum Still Can't Pay
This Looks More and Moore Sciento-illogical
Cory Doctorow, Radical Author
Michael Geist, Radical Extremist
The Fat Lady Has Sung, Taken Her Bows, and Now Exits
A Systemic Threat to the Rights of Legitimate Traders
ACTA May Affect Physical Products, Too
Everything You Need to Know About ACTA (to this moment)
Obama v Tenenbaum
FMC Promotes Tool for FCC Comment-Filing
Who's a Pirate? The Cartel's a Pirate!
Must-See TV: ACTA
In An Effort to Prove They Cannot Learn
A Win Too Fair
Photographer, Not a Terrorist (UK)
"Civil Rights for Musicians Act " Fight Gets Nastier (and More Confusing)
Eh, Mebbe Not
And Now A Pirate MEP
DMCA Rulings Overbroad in Gaming Too
RIAA Takes Over DOJ
Venue Matters
Immoral Patents, or So Say the Europeans
Right to Own, Right to View
RIAA v. Joel Tenenbaum: The Fleet is in Motion
Law Enforcement Seizes Biker Gang IP?
Orphan Works and Emphatic Words
In Which Our Hero TriesTo Comprehend EU Copyright Issues
DMCA Takedowns Must Consider Fair Use
Does the RIAA Have Legal Legs?
Rowling versus the Lexicon, Round 1
And One Click to Rule... um, Something
Cartel Gets Big Money to Fill In Big Hole
Cartel Continues to Reinterpret Laws it Doesn't Like
Microsoft Wins Two in Patent Cases
Sword Patents Get No Injunction
Web Radio Stay of Execution About to Expire
Echos of Tasini in a "Curious Case"
MPAA Gets "Weapon of Mass Discovery"
Internet Radio Gets (Temporary) Stay of Execution
Will Congress Rescue Internet Radio?
Yes, Call Congress to Ask for a Halt to Copyright Charges
Copyright Office Set to Kill Web Radio
Educating Judges on Patent Law
Need Help Finding Examples
No "Sergeant Pepper" Law in the UK?
IBM to SCO: Shove It, And Here's Why
Apparently There Are No More Terrorists
Tim B-L on Net Neutrality
Fair License or Fair-Use Threat?
More Governmental Malfunctions
SCOTUS to Patent Holders: No, No, and Also No
IP Info for the Masses
Apple Wins Another One... Against Apple
Public Citizen Sounds Alarm on Trademark Bill
Patent Trolls or Patent Pushers?
Creative Commons Copyright Upheld in Amsterdam
Google, Porn Images, Copyright Violations?
Could They Outlaw Corporate Stupidity, Too?
RIAA Speak with Forked Tongue
Who Can Say What is a Picture of You?
Texas AG vs Sony Spyware
On the P2P Problem: Where Do We Go Now?
Grokster Gives Up the Ghost
More on the Horror...the Horror...the Horror
The Horror...the Horror...the Horror
Why We'd Kill the Web If It Was Born Today
A New Kind of Halloween Document
Colleges Shouldn't Be Cops, Either
Could Blackberry Be Shut Down? Doubt It
Hacking Is Not Fair Use
Stopping the Signal: Broadcast Flag Update #2
Surprise: Your Reps Actually Listen When You Complain About the Broadcast Flag
You Lose Some
Australian High Court Deals a Blow Against Ubercopyright
Night of the Living Broadcast Flag
And When Force is Gone, There's Always Mom. Hi Mom!
MPAA Sock Puppets on Parade: Who Supports the Broadcast Flag?
More on Microsoft/Eolas
Wassup at WIPO
Northern Rights
The Word from WIPO
The Pizzaright Principle
More on "Middleman" Rights for Webcasters
More Rights Are Wrong for Webcasters
More on the Stealth Push for Webcasters' Pseudo Copyrights
One IP Right to Rule Them All
Kids: Understand the USPTO's reality distortion field
RIAA to Congress: Give Us Control of Digital Radio
Canadian Copyfight: Geist Rebuts Recording Industry Spin of KaZaA Ruling
Australian Court on KaZaA - Stop: Napster Time
The Latest IP Crime: "Box-Wrap" Patent Infringement
Courts on DMCA: You Can Repair Products, But You Can't Improve Them
Your Employee IP Agreement May Become a Non-Compete
To DMCA or Not to DMCA - Australia Decides
Fed. Circuit Smacks Down Bad DMCA Decision Re: Independent Repair Techs
Lord Save Us From Patent Reform
How Now, Smart Cow?
Copyfight Quote of the Day
What the DMCA Is "Good" For: Marginalizing Open Source
Dumb Ideas, Part 2
Dumb Ideas Never Die
The Mother of Acrimonious Acronyms
Granick on "Ciscogate"
Piss Off SCO, Go to Jail? (in Europe)
Blackberry Case Gets More Complicated
Battle Brewing Over Network Neutrality
Quantify that Obscenity, If You Please
Taking a Page from Microsoft's Book
Post-Grokster Lawmaking?
Hyperlinking Considered Infringement Down Under
Opening Up the Wayback Can of Worms
Thou Shalt Not 'Ster, Part II
Toward a Common Market for Digital Rights
EU Parliament Votes Down Software Patents, 648-14
A Grokster Quid Pro Quo for Copyright "Incumbents"?
Grokster Pop Quiz: How Liable Are You?
James Boyle on EU Software Patents: Question Your Assumptions
Is Bram Cohen Guilty of Grokster "Thought Crime"?
There, Isn't That Better?
That's the Question
Fred von Lohmann on How to Read Grokster (Again)
And in the Other Corner...
Grokster Q & A with Gigi Sohn
Susan Crawford: The Supremes Got Grokster Just Right
EFF on the Supreme Court Grokster Ruling
And Now, a Word from the Grokster Defense
MGM v. Grokster -- What Happened?
Supreme Court Reverses Grokster -- Unanimously
Open Access Denied
How to Read the Supreme Court Ruling in Grokster
No, Really. No Broadcast Flag This Time
The Waiting Is the Hardest Part, Part II
The Waiting Is the Hardest Part
Psst - Copyfighters Meta-Blog Grokster
If Literature Was Patentable, Would Great Novels Be at Risk?
More Reports from the Blizzard v. BnetD Oral Arguments
Blizzard v. BnetD - Just As Important As Grokster?
Patent Suspension? Or Let Them Die?
The cutting edge of licensing rights
Rep. Barton Defends Fair Use
Fair use and grassroots media
Patry on Bridgeport: A Policymaking Riddle Inside an Analysis-Free Enigma...
Offering != Distribution
CommDaily: MPAA May Not Seek Broadcast Flag in DTV Bill
What He Said
Broadcast Flag Rears Its Ugly Head in DTV Transition Hearings
PWN3D by the Feds
New Terms of ART
Canadian Appeals Court Denies P2P Subpoenas
Big-time Copyright Geekery over at Patry's Blog
"Broadcast Flag?" "Yes, Master?"
A Patent System Gone Awry
Court on Broadcast Flag: You Can't Hide Elephants in Mouseholes
Broadcast Flag Regulation Shot Down
The Republican Tech Agenda
Australia Considers Codifying Fair Use
How to Fight Spyware (Effectively)
US Rejects Canadian Rejection of DMCA
Intertrust Up, Macrovision Down
What, Exactly, Did Congress Propose to Legalize?
When Are You Going to Sue the President? - the Website
Comcast Sued, Studios Settle
PyMusique Hackers Back to Crack Napster
What Happened This Week @ WIPO
IFPI: The World's "Nicest" Litigators?
EFF Posts Day 1 Notes from WIPO Meetings
WIPO Politics, Quantified
Still More on the "Is Linking Legal" Question
Bollier on US Hypocrisy Regarding IP Policy for Developing Countries
The Supreme Court Rules
Linking? Nein!
What the Entertainment Industry Really Wants to Do to the Internet
RFC on Capitol Records v. Naxos
WIPO Spins Lockout of Civil Society Groups
A Common Law Expansion of Copyright?
Fred von Lohmann: Noncommercial Gripesites Rejoice!
ICANN ".travel" Scandal
EU Parliament Gives EU Council a Free Pass on Software Patents Debate "Glitch"
Gearing Up for "World IP Day"
Grokster Tea Leaves: Justice by Justice
What He Said
Fred & Larry Tag-Team on Grokster
Wait - There's More
Mark Cuban: Q & A on Grokster
NYT on the Grokster Oral Arguments
Scalia: How Can an Inventor Know How an Invention Will Be Marketed?
Supreme Court Worried About "the Guy in the Garage"
MGM v. Grokster: The Showdown
A-listers on the Copyfight
MGM v. Grokster: A Field Guide
The Fish & Chips Defense
Mark Cuban Comes Out
Hammers and mercury
TOS for Citizenship
United States v. WIPO's Development Agenda
Hollywood Profits v. Technological Progress
How Does the US Justice Department Do Legal IP Analysis?
A Declaration of Technology Independence
What was RIM v NTP actually about?
Anyone got a stake handy?
Countdown to the Grokster Showdown
Good News from the Broadcast Flag Fight
Michael Geist: Government Information Wants to Be Free
Up, up, and... well, not quite away yet
"Balance" at WIPO
French Court Says Downloading for Private Use May Be Defensible
Hold on there, hoss
What You Can Do About WIPO
What Happens When You Have a WIPO Meeting...
Nasty business, this music-sharing
Declan on blog journalism
WIPO Shutting Out Public Interest Voices
European Council Gives Software Patents an "A"
Resistance Is Not Futile
Conservatives on Grokster: Don't Legislate from the Bench
Don't block, just "improve quality"
Grokster, Ye Harlot
Grokster Press Conference Now Online
The Incentive for Keeping P2P Illegal
Growing Disquiet at WIPO
Eben Moglen & Co. on Grokster: Look Past the Rhetoric
Media Profs on Grokster: Don't Forget Fair Use
Berkman Profs: Betamax Ain't Broke. If There's a Problem, Let Congress Help.
Intel: If Betamax Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
Venture Capital Speaks
Familiar Bedfellows
Grokster Ass-Kicking Commences
EU Software Patents Moving Forward
Killing P2P Will Stop Internet Porn
Free As In...TV?
Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball
What's Up With WIPO?
God created love; God created boobs too
Judge Says FCC "Can't Regulate Washing Machines"
Going Back to the "Future"
No Mandate for Broadcast Flag Tech Mandate
Grokster Update: Time Out for the US Solicitor General?
Broadcast Flag "Just As Important As Grokster"
Thank You, Dutch Parliament!
Poland Can't Do It Alone
Look But Don't Reverse Engineer
Toward a Kinder, Gentler WIPO
Software Doesn't Infringe Copyright, People Do
Kill P2P to Save TV?
Smearing Gigi
Lasica Burns the Broadcast Flag
Once More Into the Betamax Breach
Grokster Briefs via RSS
The Grokster Briefs - Same Old, Same Old?
EFF Announces Endangered Gizmos List
A New Kind of Induce Act
A New Kind of Civil Disobedience
Jailed for a Song
Copyfight Scorecard
All Your Fair Use Are Belong to Us
In the Future, Everyone Will Have Fair Use for 2-4 Weeks
Breaking News: Cert Granted in Grokster
Blogs v. Big Media
Sony v. Kottke: Point/Counterpoint
L'il Infringers
TiVo and the New Copynorms
Where to Watch the KaZaA Trial
Copyright Reform Is Not a Spectator Sport
Piercing the P2P Myths
Not That the IP Extremists Are Gonna Take That Lying Down
US Proposal on Webcasts Sidelined
Judging IP Policy on Its Merits
Jumping Off the Omnibus
Copyright Odyssey 2010
Whoomp, There It Is
Blogging WIPO 2.0
Copyright Mashup Remains a Threat
The Grokster Case - Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends
NY DA Appeals Bootleg Decision
Aren't There Any Terrorists Out There?
NBC Chief to Congress: Please help save the Copyright Clause!
Copyright Balance Gone With the Wind?
More good Lexmark quotes
Lexmark ruling: Chock Full O' Nuggets
Sixth Circuit reverses Lexmark DMCA Ruling
Wendy Seltzer: The Engadget Interview
Whatever Happened to the Induce Act?
Too Much, Too Little, Just Right
DoJ Endorses PDEA, Induce Act
Copyright Mashup in the Works
Induce Act Runs Out of Gas
Meet the New Induce Proposal, Just as Bad as the Old Induce Proposal
Another Strike at IP Uber Alles
Massive Victory for Copyfighters
Tackling Canada's Cultural Deficit
Click Here to Lose Your Fair Use Rights
Induce Act Stalled
BSA Steps Back Into the Ring
Induce Act Rhetoric Kicks Up a Notch
WIPO 2.0, Part II
And More on the PDEA
More on IPac
PDEA + Induce = Very Bad Law
A Tax on Innovators
Yet Another Way to Say No
Closing Canada's "Innovation Gap"
Copyright Terms Must Have Limits, Part II
Induce Act 2.0
Copyright Terms Must Have Limits
Permission Culture v. Education
The Induce Act - the View From Across the Pond
WIPO 2.0: A Declaration for the Future of IP
Induce Boosters Send Email to Grammy Members
Induce Act on the Move
Stop Induce & Save Betamax - Call Congress on Sept. 14
What the Fox Proposes for the Henhouse, Part 2
Hasta La Vista, Balance
What the Fox Proposes for the Henhouse
Skylink Wins! Fed. Cir. Shoots Down Chamberlain's DMCA Claim
The Boston Globe Editorial Board ! = Copyfighters
Reform(aliz)ing Copyright, Part II
Reform(aliz)ing Copyright
What's Wrong with the Induce Act?
Boston Globe Touts Grokster, Slams INDUCE, Plugs EFF's VCL
The Grokster Decision - Where It's At
Head of DoJ Task Force on I/P Speaks
NYTimes Publishes Anti-INDUCE Op-Ed
State AGs to Al Gore - Fix the Internet!
No Crystal Ball for outcomes of proposed copyright changes
FCC Out of Copyright
Copyright Law Wasn't Made for You and Me
Disney's Not-So-Hidden Agenda
The Induce Act - Surgically Enhanced
A Spin-Spin Solution
TiVo's Pyrrhic Victory
Perfect 10 Ruling Rates a 2
On the Difficulty of Retrograde Motion
Hatch: Even More Wrong
The Induce Act - The Video
Hollywood (Finally) Turns on TiVo, Part II
The Induce Act - The Blog
Listening to the Induce Act
Is Your Computer a Loaded Gun?
Hollywood (Finally) Turns on TiVo
The Induce Act Hearing: Just the Facts, Ma'am
Judiciary Committee To Discuss Induce Act Thursday
Reading Between The Lines
Buzzkill at Doctorow's Car Audio Paaartay
Cars + WiFi + Digital Music = Induce Bait
Will Someone Please Think of the Pornographers?
The Induce Act - Got Questions?
Hiawatha Misunderstands Again
To Litigate or to Innovate
Ashcroft to Brewster Kahle: Get Lost
Government seeks Summary Judgment in Golan v. Ashcroft case challenging copyright restoration
Rep. Smith Introduces Clean Flicks Bill
Some Good News - Support for Anti-DMCA Increasing
Hollywood Begging State AGs for Legal Help
Should Have Seen the INDUCE Act Coming
All Your Public Domain Are Belong to Us
INDUCE Act is Free Speech Killer
INDUCE Act = Son of Hollings?
Lessig Legal Team Seeks Copyright Stories for Brewster Kahle v. John Ashcroft lawsuit
Statutory Copyright Damages- doing the math
Canada to Embrace Permission Culture?
PIRATE Act Sneaking Through Congress
Calif. "True Name" Bill Passes Senate - Sponsor Misleads About Purpose
How Has Copyright Restoration Harmed You?
Liberals, Conservatives Favor Different Kinds of Censorship
Roll On, Golan (v. Ashcroft)
How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Past
Another Reason to Support the DMCRA
Is Congress Ready for DMCA Reform?
Fair Use Gets Fair Play on Capitol Hill
The Broadcast Flag is Well-Designed Regulation
iTunes Hacker on Australia's "DMCA"
Australia's "DMCA" - The Bad News About the Good News
Did the RIAA illegally lobby the FCC for digital radio DRM?
PK's Gigi Sohn on how the FCC is screwing Up digital media
FCC Ya Later
WiFi Hotspot
Larry Flynt, Poster-Child for the PIRATE Act
Funding the War on Filesharing
Where is the ICANN Ombudsman?
UN Task Force Seeks Additional Control Over Internet
Music Format Shifting to be Legal in NZ
Return of the .XXX Top Level Domain
FCC Moves to Regulate Hate Speech?
RIAA Monitoring BitTorrent

Should Copyfight Publish Stories to Benefit Charity?
Google Sells Out Users to Publishers
Story Updates
David v. Goliath - Starring Warren Beatty as David
Tools for Participatory Culture
EULA Nets Careful Reader $1,000
Notable + Quotable
Comments Are Back
Comments, Anyone?
Information wants to be paid for
What's a Clip?
Wishing You an Un-Merry Christmas
Tiny P2P
Trump Violates Patent Law
Good Santa/Bad Santa
How to Support IPac without Selling Your Soul
Turkewitz Sets Straw Men a-Dancing
What's a Blink?
Who Let the Dogs Out?
By the Way
When EULAs Bite
Kids Smell Bull***t
Postal Service to Promote Postal Service
In Recovery
E-voting Night(mare) Watch
Banner Day
This Is Your Brain
Books Were Written
The Importance Of...Listening to Ernest
Patenting Punctuation
A Different Kind of Hollywood Contract
Weasels, Ferrets and Beagles, Oh, My!
Outta Here
Monday Must-Reads
Notable + Quotable
Jack Valenti Says Goodbye in the LA Times
Software vs. Music Infringement
Them's Fighting Words
Story of Our Times
NET Caucus Posts H.R. 107/DMCA Event Webcast
Copyright Term Cheat Sheet
If You Build the DTV Revolution, It Will Come
Defining "Copyfighter"
Dumb Mobs
The Latest Hollywood Movie Villain
Two Great Tastes...
Valenti on the Little (Engineer/Linux User) People
1,000 Songs is Enough
Take Me to Your Movement
Take Me to Your Leader
IAAC - I Am A Copyfighter
Fake "Clean Slate" Gone - How About a Real One?
Where Have I Heard That Before?
To Jack Valenti - A Simple Goodbye
Birds of a Feather Volokh Together?

The NSA Takes Out Another Copyfighter
Stallman on E-Book Evils & Privacy
Google and the DOJ: I'm Feeling Watched
Little. Yellow. Cracked.
I Spy With My Little EULA
More on the Mother of Acrimonious Acronyms
Because a Nationwide Outcry Wasn't Enough the Second Time Either
IM as performance art
Verizon lawyer chats about online privacy and RIAA case
Part of PATRIOT Struck Down
Post-ILAW Post
The New "Piracy Surveillance" - Whither Due Process?
CFP: Gmail v. Corporate Mail
Your Permanent Record
Judge Posner: "Skillful Googlers" Reason to Preserve Privacy in Abortion-related Medical Records

Rumor and Gossip
Did the Director-General of WIPO Steal Employee DNA Samples?
Will Steam Be Sued Over Game Resale?
Is "Six Strikes" A Trojan to Kill Free Wi-Fi?
First Comes the Rumor
Any Mac Users Out There? (OS X Lion Video DRM)
Cartel Thinks Child Porn "is Great"
Did IP and Hollywood Shenanigans Sink New Line?
File Under "That'd Be Nice"

Net Neutrality? Still Could Be Kept
Please Sign the Petition for James Risen
FCC Loses Again, and It's Their Own Damned Fault
Learning About Speech By Doing It Wrong
Verizon are Utterly Daft
SCOTUS Puts (Minor) Constraint on FCC Censorship
Posting Newspaper Excerpts Ruled Fair Use
Canadian Scientists Take Their Case to the Public
Gene Simmons Has A Big Mouth
iPad Lovers Just Skip This
Anti-Staples Ruling Troubles Free-Speech Advocates
CBLDF Asking for Support from Creators
Continuing on the Morality Theme
Fox to FTC: F**k Off
The "Power and Danger" of Web 2.0
Oh Nine, Eff Nine - the Song
Is "Blogswarming" a New Journalism?
Wardrobe Malfunction or Governmental Malfunction?
Bloggers: You Have a Right to Remain Vocal
EFF Stops Pharmaceutical Giant from Using Trademark to Silence Medical News Website
Attack of the Printing Press
Cahill and the Blogger: Anonymity ruling helps us all
A New Guide to Freeing Your Speech on the Internet
When MSM Won't Comply, Control Them (or Beat Them Up)
Waking the Sleeping Giant
There Is No West Coast on the Internet
Unregulated, Unprotected Access to Readily Available Facts
Hammers and Mercury Again
You Probably Can't Blog at Wal-Mart Either
BlogHer on Bloggers' Rights
Using the DMCA for "Good"?
Do You Know Your Rights?
The Right Question
When Congress Has to Blog Because Mainstream Media Won't
What is the Role of the Anonymous Source?
Online Journalism Investigating Itself
Zuckerman on How to Blog Anonymously
RIACLU Studies Obvious
Someone Hire This Kid
An Un-Funny Onion Story
News Organizations Speak Out in Apple Case
Bloggers Speak Out in Apple Case: Journalism Is a Verb, Not a Noun
News Groups, ISPs Weigh In on Apple v. Does
How Not to Get Fired for Blogging
Clam up! Or not...
EFF Files for Appeal in Apple v. Does
Why Apple Should Stop Threatening Journalists
"Journalist" Is a Verb
On Protecting Journalism and Democracy
Are Fox News Reporters "Journalists"?
A Journalist Is As a Journalist Does
Stay Free! to FEC: Come and Get Me, Motherf***ers
Apple v. Bloggers - No Ruling Yet
No, Blogging Will Not Be Regulated by the FEC
*Of Course* the Government Should Decide Who Can Speak!
Apple 1, Bloggers 0
New Law Proposes Reduced FOIA Fees for Bloggers
Are Bloggers Journalists?
Why EFF Is Fighting Apple
Anti-porn, anti-IP
EFF Is Not Representing Think Secret
EFF to Apple: Back Off
A Blogger's Defense Fund?
How Do C&Ds Affect Fair Use?
On Fair Use and Politics
What You See Is Where You Are
Bush Backs Fair Use
Fair Use It or Lose It, Part II
FCC Commissioner-for-a-Day

Hollywood's Excellent Watermarking Adventure
Vienna University Professor Exposes "Analog Hole" in E-Books
The "Aharonian Test"
You Can Model Anything (Just Not Legally)
WOFF Proposal Looks Set To Solve Web Font Issues
CCC Promoting its "Rightslink" Tool Upgrade
Typekit, Bad Language, and Good Fonts
Typekit Promises to Unravel Font-Linking Rights
Source linking back from browser copy-paste
Reverse Image Search
Newspapers are Laughably Expensive
Burn (DVD) to Hard Drive
The 21st Century Version of the Copyright Notice
Tracking the Trackers
Google Advanced Search Adds Licensing Info
Like YouTube for Business Documents
Cartel Makes PC World "Bad Behavior" List (again)
Attributor, Fair Use, and The Opposite of DRM
Disabling Digital Cameras
Felten Dissects Audio-Disk DRM
Diebold and the Miracle of the Immaculate Certification
Boiling Frogs with Sony's Rootkit
Security Experts Develop Sony-BMG DRM Vaccine
DHS to Music Industry: It's Your Intellectual Property, *Not* Your Computer
How You Can Help Stop Sony's DRM Abuse
Sony/BMG Still Not Coming Clean About Rootkit DRM
Felten's Four-Step Recovery Program for DRM Abusers
Sounding the alarm for interoperability
Compare and Contrast
Felten on How MovieLabs Will Fail
The Customer Is Always Wrong: A User's Guide to DRM in Online Music
All Kids Love Log!
Open DRM = Dry Water
Why Wait for Apple?
Your PC = = A Toaster
Cracking the Books
Rabble Browsing
How Microsoft Is Selling Out the Public to Please Hollywood
DRM Chops Off the Long Tail
Torrent to the People
Slings and Arrows of Outraged Hollywood
Podcast in iTunes Now - Why Wait for Apple?
The Street, in Real Time
It's Not About the DRM, Stupid
Where the Rubber Meets the Roadcasting
One Hopes the Results Will be Public Domain
Love Me, Love My iPod Playlist
SCOTUS Are You Paying Attention to the PSP?
Mark Cuban on the beginning of the end of CDs
MAKEing Copyfighters
Johansen Creates DRM-Free Interface to iTunes
NTP, RIM settle
Design for reading, linking, aggregation
Fred von Lohmann on Google's Auto-Link
EyeTV: Get Your Fair Use While the Getting's Good
Beyond TiVo (Or Not)
Father of MP3 Format says DRM is killing the Digital Music Industry
TiVo for Radio in the UK
Audible Magic Only ...an Illusion of Security?
EFF Dodges Silver Bullet, Debunks Audible Magic

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