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About this weblog
Here we'll explore the nexus of legal rulings, Capitol Hill policy-making, technical standards development, and technological innovation that creates -- and will recreate -- the networked world as we know it. Among the topics we'll touch on: intellectual property conflicts, technical architecture and innovation, the evolution of copyright, private vs. public interests in Net policy-making, lobbying and the law, and more.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this weblog are those of the authors and not of their respective institutions.

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Copyfight, the Solo Years: April 2002-March 2004

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May 4 is Coming Again - International Day Against DRM
Property Advice for International Travelers
FMC Releases Musician Income Case Studies
Aereo Launches Today
Kolko, Big Ideas, for Free
Patent enforcement entry updated
Petition the Copyright Office - Remix Culture
Admin Update
Those People Looking For Me on Google+ Will Not Find Me
Exquisite Corpse Seeking Collaborative Artists
RIP Keith Aoki
"Radical Extremists" and Canadian Copyright
"Pimps and Ferrets" and U.S. Copyright
Brief Administrivia for Commenters
EFF Launches "Teach Copyright" (free)
A Serial Drama in Internet Form
Pimps & Ferrets: Work on Early Copyright
U.Mich. Press Looking for Great Tech Writing
Move Creative for Great Justice!
Derek Slater Joins EFF
A New Chapter
Pardon Me
Don't Use Sony's Web-based XCP Uninstaller
Blog Vacation
Free/Open Source Software Law Center Looking to Hire
And the EFF Blog-a-thon Awards Go To...
Who Are You Calling a Thief?
Coming Attraction: Measuring the DMCA Against the Darknet
EFF Blog-a-thon Deadline Extended!
EFF Launches Blogathon for Freedom
Broadcast Flag Hasn't Snuck In Yet - Danger Hasn't Passed Though
Oxford Lucks Out
Science Commons Promotes Open Access to Legal Scholarship
Welcome to JD Lasica!
Andrea Dworkin, RIP
Congratulations, EFF Pioneer Award Winners!
Grokster Transcript Available
Welcome, Walt!
CIS Event: Cyberlaw in the Supreme Court
Help Send the Grokster Team Off to Victory!
Mike Godwin Has a Blog
IP Attorneys: EFF Wants You
Speaking of Which...
Gizmos. Up Close and Personal. Feb. 22
Dr. Alan Wexelblat Joins Copyfight
"Ready to Share" Conference, Jan. 29
How Does IP Law Affect Art?
Copyfight on Holiday Until Jan. 4
"We the Media" Book Review
Book Review: The Anarchist in the Library
Volunteers to Conduct Broadcast Flag Treaty Survey Sought
EFF Announces Two New Blogs
Can the Walkman Become a Social Experiment?
Potentially the Favorite Toy of Every Copyfighter
Center for Citizens' Media Proposal
Free Culture - Now With Even More Free
Lessig's Free Culture is also Free Content
The Creative, Scientific Commons
What Would You Say to the Copyright Office?
Copyfight--the Expanded Edition

Big Thoughts
What Do "Real" Authors Do?
A Contrast in Creator Stories
Is it Time to Abolish the CAFC?
TB on "Attack of the (Game) Clones"
Could Fandom "Fix" Copyright?
Creativity and Copyfight
Why Did Copyright Shape Music and Books Differently Online?
Talking Seriously About Games and the Public Domain
Three New Models for Journalism
The World vs SOPA/PIPA
IP and Inequality
Is Rampant Copying a Good Thing?
Tobias Buckell Has a Giant Reality Check for You
The Story of the Beginning of the Digital Revolution
Why Does Fashion Have Lots of Copying and Creativity?
Mike Masnick Curb-Stomps Jaron Lanier
How Is Self-Publishing Like Web Comics?
At Least They're Asking the Right Question
More On Asking, Writing for Free
Salmon's Payment Economics
The Art of Asking, The Art of Trusting
"Diffusion Lines" and the Freemium Marketplace
On the Used and Pirate Markets for Digital Goods
Why Do Creators Get So Little?
Highly Interconnected Creativity
What, Exactly, Is "The Patent Problem"
When Conservatives Are Optimistic About IP It Looks Libertarian
Lauren Weinstein Advocates "The Nuclear Option"
Can Looking Backward Help Fix the Software Patent Mess?
Doctorow on Byrne on Music
Does Copyright Drive the Internet Freedom Debate (in the US)?
UK Upends Research Publication Model - Default to Free from 2014
Answers to Lowery, with Facts
David Lowery Is Still on a Tear, Which is a Shame
Hollywood's Copyright Wars (book review)
What Stewart Brand Actually Said
Freehadists, the New Boss, and Another Point of View
LP Responds on Creation, Avengers, Kurtz
Creation is a Complex Process
"The Mongoliad" As Business Model
What to Read When Not Here
Two Follow-ups on B&N/MSFT and Palmer
Why Break/Abandon DRM
Thinking About the E-Book Lawsuit and What Is To Come
Is Wanting to Pay for Content "Entitlement"?
We Are (the Net| the Media | the People) Winning
How Should We Enforce Patents?
Tassi Isn't Done Yet
A Copyright Wars Primer for Libertarians
Y Kill Hollywood
The Business of Science Fiction Writers is Not Prediction (But Sometimes They Do It Anyway)
Will the Drugs IP World Ever Change?
Openness as the Default
No Books Means "Poor People Need Not Apply"
Facebook and Takedown Notices
How to Steal Like An Artist
Dangers of the Patron Model
When A Crowdfunded Project Goes "Off the Rails"
Artists Should Earn Money
Tune in to Tunecore (A 6-part series)
A Historical View of the Cultural Commons
Is Wikileaks the Napster of Confidential Information?
Content vs Image
Walking On Eggshells
Nutriset Responds
Another Step in the IP/Lifesaving Debate
Should Genes Be Patentable?
Lessig on the Remix Culture Vid and Who Gets It
Ephemeral Art, Writ Big-Name
Remix As Social Activity
Copyright + Common Sense? Maybe So.
Dionne Warwick versus the Cartel
Amazon's Gaffe Isn't What You Think It Is
Do Patents Really Promote Useful Progress?
Proof That Even Very Smart People Can Say Very Stupid Things
Can Tim O'Reilly Re-Invent the Book?
"Mash Up" Just Seems So Inadequate
What Happens to Comics When Newspapers Cut Back?
Maybe Art Isn't A Business
21st Century Business Models for Artists
People Want to Pay - Sort Of
Future Writers, Future Books
Gin, Television, and 100 Wikipedia per Year, for Sharing
What is the Value of News?
Artists and How to Support Them
Could BitTorrent Be Disabled Automatically?
Political Remixing & Cultural Copyright
Start With the Right To Speak Freely
An Industry of Excess
Record Exec States Obvious Truth, Greeted with Shock
Is Private DRM Public Failure?
Apple's Patent App and More on the Sad State
The Sad State of Patent Effects
The Question is 'Why?'
Microsoft, Virtualization, and... DRM?
Web 2.0 vs The Cartel
The "OK Go Phenomenon"
Sadly, Not Everything is on the Web
Did Patents Harm Microsoft?
Benkler on Social Production of Information
Graham on Patents
Decoding the Drivel
Publish On Demand - Go Vote
Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes
Copyright and the Evolution Wars
Google Print: a Story in Modern Web Harmony
How Do We Preserve "Essence of Library"?
I'm Still Not Buying It
What Does "Copyfight" Mean?
Schooling the Judges
Thou Shalt Not 'Ster
What Wall Street Tells Us About Grokster
On Grokster Punditry and Power Laws
Let Them Eat Cake
The Church of Copyright
The legacy of Jack Valenti
A Copyfighter's View of the Apple Move to Intel
Linkable + Thinkable: The Ernie Miller Special Edition
Talking digital rights
"Restricted Use" vs. "Licensed" Works
Apple Cultists: The Perfect Guinea Pigs for DRM
Whose Turn Is It to Call Off the Dogs?
Teleread on the Entertainment-Copyright Complex
Googlezon Deconstructed
Blankenhorn to Hollywood: Stop the Madness!
Pesce on Hyperdistribution, Part 1
Did Frank Zappa Invent Music Downloading in 1983?
Swim Together, Sink Together?
Alert the Troops
James Boyle on Copyright Stupidity
More Science, More Evidence
Movie Downloads, Maybe
Weinberger Blogs "Signal or Noise 2"
When IP kills
Thinking more about PyMusique
Music Wants to Feel Free
Thinking through the numbers
Copyright As the Engine of Censorship
On Creativity, Or The Tale of the Squawking iPod
Everybody into the pool
Susan Crawford: What Would Ben Franklin Do?
Toward a Kinder, Gentler Debate?
The DMCA Is to the Eiffel Tower As...
On Copyright Law and Myopia
Righting Copyright: Fair Use and "Digital Environmentalism"
Where the "Wow" Went
Ed Felten's Predictions for 2005
Reform Copyright, Stimulate Economic Growth
The Cure for Infringement
Teen Given "F" for Nuanced Thinking
FCC as Backdoor for Failed Copyright Law
Smells Like Free Culture
What's a Blog?
More on Me2Me: Market No Savior
The Real Threat: Me2Me
INDUCE's biggest threat: Me2Me apps
The Irony of Digital Music DRM -- More Choices, Fewer Options
On Innovation - How Holy Is the Grail?
Posner Blogs on Fair Use and Copyright
Copyright and Cultural Damage
Fair Use in Education: Point/Counterpoint
There, That's Better
Cory on DRM @ Microsoft
What Colour Is Your Paradigm, Part III
What Colour Is Your Paradigm, Part II
What Colour is Your Paradigm?
Defining Open Access
Cable Theft or Cable Sharing?
Of Chimps and Copyrights
Slater on Miller on Hutchings on Von Lohmann on iTunes
UnFairPlay - Prior Art
Must Read Must-Read List
Fair Use - Theory v. Practice
Romantic Notions II
Romantic Notions
Why Use DRM If It Doesn't Work?
More on Cynicism, Indecency, the FCC and the Broadcast Flag
Plus Dessert
Free Strategic Advice for the RIAA
Copyfight Quote of the Week
One Way for the RIAA to Go on the Offensive
The Best Defense is a Good Offense
It's All About the Distribution - Free Speech, Telecomm and Copyright
Defining Speedbumps
Brewster Kahle on Universal Access to Human Knowledge
Wendy Seltzer on Free Culture
The Logical Incoherence of Universal DRM
All the News That's Fit to Re-post
Crawford Addresses Copyright Office
Listening to Larry
And the Meme Goes On...
Larry's Latest Evaluated
Namespaces Will Collide. Let Them. Part Deux.
Slater on Sony
Siva on Free Culture's "Scholarly Partner"
Lessig on Copyright at OSBC
User Rights Aren't Loopholes

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IP Analogy to Physical Property (in Architecture)
That Sound You Hear is the Anti-Neutrality Dam Breaking
And No Kill Switches, Either
Congress Restores Bulk Unlock Rights
When is a Game a Clone?
Subscription Services for Books
Generic Functions, Patentable Functions
Judge Posner Solves a Mystery
GIFs, Authorship, and Copyright
GoGo Interfictions
Google and You, Content Co-Creators
Another Reason E-Books Suck
Another 'Ends with a Whimper'
Robo-Papers "Flooding" Academic Conferences
Apple Appeals
The Blog is Dead, Except on LinkedIn?
MSF Opposes Patenting Hep C Medicine
Full 9th Sends Ad-Skipping Back to Trial
When an Artist "Makes It"
Aereo Case Gets to SCOTUS
Fox Gets Henhouse Membership
There is (Still) a Hole in Your Mind
Big Picture: You Don't Want to be King George
Youtube Can't Even Get Christmas Carols Right
MSF anti-TPP Video
TPP Terminating Termination Rights
Aereo "Killer" Killed
Aereo Declines to Oppose Cert Motion
Contributory Cybersquatting Not Viable in Trademark
Evolution, not Displacement?
Kickstarter to Pay the Musicians
Shortening the Long Tail
Is Pop Music Holding You Hostage?
MSF to TPP: Stop Attacking Access to Lifesaving Medicines
Derech Sodom
Listeners Support Healthcare
End of a Stage in LimeWire's Troubles
That Self-Publishing Experiment
Who Knew There Was An Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries?
Self-Publishing is Work
Aereo Staves Off Preliminary Injunctions
Kids Today
The Logical Extension of Copyright Maximalism
Let's Teach Kids What They Can Do
Copyright Cartel Goes to Kindergarten
Recent Developments in Trademark Law
(Avoiding) A Digital Dark Age
Netflix Goes Where the (Pirate) Demand Is
Sample This (movie)
"The Kings of Television Are The Creatives"
"Fire in the Blood" Anyone?
I (Heart) NY, TM
Makerbot Scanner Announced
SFX Build, Steal, Borrow, Adapt
Dish Wins in the 9th
Games as Derivative Works
3D Printing Patents Set to Expire
Has the Eolas Vampire Finally Been Put to Rest?
The Two Voices of All Transport
Ohio Rules on the Cost of Infringement
Nook Costs B&N CEO His Job
What Protects Medicine Sales, If Not Patents?
Copyright Law by V. Hart