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About this weblog
Here we'll explore the nexus of legal rulings, Capitol Hill policy-making, technical standards development, and technological innovation that creates -- and will recreate -- the networked world as we know it. Among the topics we'll touch on: intellectual property conflicts, technical architecture and innovation, the evolution of copyright, private vs. public interests in Net policy-making, lobbying and the law, and more.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this weblog are those of the authors and not of their respective institutions.

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Date Index
August 2014
25: Makers, Fan Art, Making it Pay
22: IP Analogy to Physical Property (in Architecture)
16: That Sound You Hear is the Anti-Neutrality Dam Breaking
11: Having (Mostly) Failed with Authors, Amazon Makes a Pitch for the Readers
07: And No Kill Switches, Either
05: Uncle Amazon Knows What's Best for You (and Itself)
01: Duplitecture

July 2014
30: Muddying the Natural (Patent) Waters
25: Congress Restores Bulk Unlock Rights
25: When is a Game a Clone?
22: Subscription Services for Books
21: Lest You Had Any Doubts, the ALA is on the Right Side Again
18: Deadly Effects of Unaffordable Medicines (TPP)
15: Planet Money on the Case Against Patents
15: FMC + Musicians vs FCC on Net Neutrality
08: Be the Potato Salad
07: These Businesses and Corporations are Not Your Friends

June 2014
25: Aereo Loses
21: When Politics and Copyright Collide
20: Generic Functions, Patentable Functions
20: Judge Posner Solves a Mystery
20: GIFs, Authorship, and Copyright
19: CAFC Wins, Alice Loses
18: USPTO Cancels "Redskins" Trademarks
17: YouTube's a Monopsony, In Case You Hadn't Noticed
16: You Keep Using That Phrase
15: You Keep Using That Word
14: Rader Resigns, But Don't Cry
09: One "Digital Native"s View on Getting Paid
07: Interesting Views on Two Ongoing Stories
04: GoGo Interfictions
03: EFF Making Mountains out of (CAFC) Molehills
03: If the CAFC Isn't Listening, Maybe Other Judges Are
02: More CAFC Volleyball
01: What Do "Real" Authors Do?

May 2014
29: A Contrast in Creator Stories
27: Grinding Copyright Wars Grind on
26: Is it Time to Abolish the CAFC?
18: TB on "Attack of the (Game) Clones"
14: Could Fandom "Fix" Copyright?
11: Please Sign the Petition for James Risen
01: Two Patent Cases from Sotomayor

April 2014
24: No, I'm Not Going to Bother Posting Another Revolving Door Pic
24: Google and You, Content Co-Creators
08: Old Tricks, New Rulings
05: Another Reason E-Books Suck

March 2014
30: Creativity and Copyfight
22: Another 'Ends with a Whimper'
19: Myriad Continues Fight Over BRC Genes
18: Why Did Copyright Shape Music and Books Differently Online?
13: Well Frell
11: What is the Solicitor General Arguing in Aereo?
10: Performance Rights, Aereo, and the Cloud
08: Google as "The Copyright Court of Last Resort"
07: Is There an Independent "Right of Performance"?
05: Did the Director-General of WIPO Steal Employee DNA Samples?
03: More Evidence People Don't Learn from the Past
03: Phoenix (music) Supports Free Use

February 2014
28: Robo-Papers "Flooding" Academic Conferences
26: Apple Appeals
25: Who's Taking All That Money?
25: Pointing the Troll Finger in the Correct Direction
24: Pay for (Broadcast) Play Rally
20: The Blog is Dead, Except on LinkedIn?
14: Interesting Patent Note: Reducing to Practice
13: This Would Be Why I Renewed My Pandora Membership
13: Talking Seriously About Games and the Public Domain
12: Would Congress Revisit Fair Use?
11: Big Pharma Continues to be Big Evil
11: MSF Opposes Patenting Hep C Medicine
11: F*ck Spammers
10: The Gospels of Publishing
06: Sony Throws in the E-Book Towel
04: Adobe Plans to Force Everyone to Change to New DRM
04: Money Sells

January 2014
31: Full 9th Sends Ad-Skipping Back to Trial
31: When an Artist "Makes It"
30: Mayo Coming Home to Roost
29: Three New Models for Journalism
28: Refreshingly Honest Corporate Greed
26: What Should Copyright Look Like Now?
16: The FCC Lost, not Net Neutrality
15: MPHJ Exposed
14: FCC Loses Again, and It's Their Own Damned Fault
10: Aereo Case Gets to SCOTUS
08: Fox Gets Henhouse Membership
03: There is (Still) a Hole in Your Mind

December 2013
31: An Artist's Take on American Classism
31: Author's Guild Remains Out of Touch with Reality
30: Open Market, 314, and Obviousness
29: Big Picture: You Don't Want to be King George
25: Youtube Can't Even Get Christmas Carols Right
21: If I Wrote Fiction Like This Nobody Would Believe It
21: Elsevier's "Feeble Facade" Crumbling
19: MSF anti-TPP Video
18: TPP Terminating Termination Rights
17: Cell Phone Unlocking (yawn)
13: Aereo "Killer" Killed
13: OK, Let's Stop Harassing Apple Over E-Books
12: Aereo Declines to Oppose Cert Motion
12: YouTube Steps Up Copyright Battle Against Game Channels
07: Elsevier Upping the Ante in its Opposition to Academics
06: Contributory Cybersquatting Not Viable in Trademark
05: Evolution, not Displacement?
04: Stageit Helps Artists Play for Fans, for a Price
04: Kickstarter to Pay the Musicians
03: Shortening the Long Tail
02: Washington Post Surprised by Obvious Actions
02: Is Pop Music Holding You Hostage?

November 2013
27: Beasties, Toys, and Fair Use
21: Contract Royalties Plummet, Concert Income Grows
20: MSF to TPP: Stop Attacking Access to Lifesaving Medicines
20: Derech Sodom